Saturday, May 25, 2024

Dance Review: Juilliard Dancers Shine

Juilliard dancers know how to excite an audience with their infinite dancing prowess.  The energy and commitment they bring to the classic works by Mark Morris, Twyla Tharp, and Lar Lubovitch and a new commission by Ohad Naharin, is infectious.  Most particularly, you could feel their excitement for having worked with Ohad Naharin, the Artistic […]

Dance Review: Crazy Fun with Crazy Head Space @Seaport

Some sensitive issues, like mental illness, shouldn’t be taken lightly.  But there’s some unwritten law that we’re allowed to make fun of ourselves, giving Elizabeth S. Davis, who’s living with bipolar illness, the license to write Crazy Head Space.  This mostly comical musical, performed by Abraxas Stage Company and choreographed by Matthew Neff, celebrates psychological […]

Dance Review: Ballet Tech? . . . more like Ballet Yech!

Uh oh, . . . the economy is not the only thing suffering right now.  Eliot Feld’s Ballet Tech opened their season Wednesday night, with the “Mandance Project” at The Joyce Theatre in New York.  The opening night gala consisted of three solos, two of which were premieres, the premiere of Spaghetti Ballet, as well […]

Dance Review: Great Things Come in Small Packages, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada

Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada delighted us this past Sunday with a very humorous and unique version of Igor Dobrovolskiy’s ballet, Don Juan. The small, ten dancer company was warmly greeted with a large house at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.  Most people came expecting the familiar, intense rendition of […]

Dance Review: Ballet Builders 2009 at DiCapo

Last week I had the opportunity to go see Ballet Builders 2009 New Choreographers on Point concert at the Dicapo Opera Theatre, in New York City.  Ballet Builders is a wonderful program made possible through public funds which enables new and upcoming choreographers to access dancers and create works for a public forum.  According to […]

Dance Review: Nai-Ni Chen’s Company Rides Magnificently on Cloud Nine at Baruch PAC

Celebrating twenty years of Chinese traditional and contemporary dance magic, Nai-Ni Chen’s company enchants and amazes this past Saturday at the Baruch Performing Arts Center. A former member of Cloud Gate and a native of Taiwan, Chen has the stunning ability to fuse her Chinese heritage with her experience as an American immigrant, a fusion […]

Dance Review: Bear Crown: A Theatrical Dance Performance, Ivy Baldwin at DTW

Ivy Baldwin’s performance of Bear Crown at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW) on Friday night can best be described as a theatrical performance with some dancing thrown in. The title of the piece, Bear Crown is a brand of beer which the dancers would drink while in residency in Romania. The performance began with a recording […]

Dance Review: Brown is the new bombshell as Brown Girls Burlesque “liberate the exotic primitive”

Brown Girls Burlesque (BGB) took a sold out house to school with their risqué acts at the Bowery Poetry Cub on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. With long held taboos shattered with a toss of a bra and “peek-a-boo” bright and sparkly pasties, this show took myths and stereotypes of brown love, and, within two hours, […]

Dance Review: Deliciously Disgusting Grub, tEEth at Joyce Soho

I moved to New York because New York is where it’s at. The highest concentration of edgy, innovative, shocking, and amazing art is here, so it’s ironic that one of the best performances I’ve seen in NYC is by a company from out of town. The Portland based collective, tEEth, led by Co-Artistic Directors Angelle […]

Dance Review: An Extravaganza of Fierceness, Monstah Black at DTW

Monstah Black brought a storm of artistic wow performing at Dance Theatre Workshop’s Studio Series on Friday, March 13th. His show “Living Outside the….,” shared Black’s opinions on gender roles and being an individual that challenges the norm and the pressure to fit into a cookie cut lifestyle. The evening consisted of Black’s music woven […]

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