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In Memory: Remembering Merce Cunningham

August 2, 2009 by  
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  In Memory of the Pioneer, the Artist, the Legend Merce Cunningham 1919 – 2009 Merce Cunningham will be remembered not just as a choreographer or dancer, but as an innovator, a pioneer,  an artist and a legend even within his own time.  The invaluable contributions that he has given to the dance community are […]

Commentary: Michael Jackson, A Dancer’s Tribute to the King of Pop, the Godfather of Commercial Dance

June 26, 2009 by  
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Well, my throat is choked up hearing about the passing of Michael Jackson. It’s just unbelievable to me, an absolute shock . . . so INCREDIBLY talented . . . so young. The man who has created the soundtrack of my entire childhood is gone. As a professional dancer, I can definitely say without question […]

The Carnival New York City 2008, Choreographer’s Ball

  Energy was through the roof atThe Carnival Choreographers Ball November 2008 held at the very fashionable Hiro night club in New York City.  iDANZ TV a long with iDANZ founder Candice Rox and the all around fashionista commentators, The BK BOYEEZ, took interviews with great dance personalities and industry professionals such as the Amount […]

Tango and Contemporary Ballet Remixed!

Tango and Contemporary Ballet Remixed! The New Generation Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Argentinean choreographer, Dardo Galleto, presented a lovely concert at Symphony Space in New York City, November 7 – 8, 2008, that fused the passion of Argentinean Tango with the lines of Contemporary Ballet.   The show, called VOLVER AL SUR, meaning […]

Rhapsody’s Showcase @ BLVD 12/12/08

Rhapsody’s Siren Assassins After Dark Choreographer’s Showcase After the long extensive checking and shuffling of personal belongings and the long wait outside in the freezing cold outside of Boulevards somewhat unorganized and confusing door situation, Rhapsody’s choreography showcase took on a surprising turn. It was definitely not expected as most dancers are familiar with how […]

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