Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dance Review: Takehiro Brings it On, TAKE Dance Company at DTW

TAKE Dance Company doesn’t have to thwack or grind to get your attention. Their lithe, graceful dancers scoop, hop and spring their way though intricate, fluid ‘ography as deftly and sweetly as a fistful of cotton candy. The intimate space at DTW provides the perfect venue for this eleven-member ensemble company, who will be performing […]

Dance Review: Pilobolus Possible

  Pilobolus Possible    The Joyce Theater was buzzing with anticipation on the evening of Monday, July 20, 2009, as the hour approached 7:30 and the audience took their seats awaiting the last of Pilobolus’ three programs.  I was especially eager to experience my first Pilobolus show, as I had only heard a few stray […]

Dance Review: Paradigm, A Model for Dance

  One definition of paradigm is “one that serves as a pattern or model.” There is no doubt that Paradigm exemplifies the proof of the model of performance that us dancers strive for everyday . . . to embody and become an idea and expression of an experience.  The performance at DTW begins with A […]

Dance Review: Cheese Soiree, Pilobolus Dance Theater

Pilobolus Dance Theatre has a 38-year history of keeping their brand alive. Innovative in the 70’s, their signature style of acrobatic body constructions is still maintained today. Unfortunately, it is preserved by adding more and more cheese. At the opening night gala performance, the company serves four different kinds of cheese. The program includes three […]

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