Friday, June 14, 2024

iDANZ Critix Corner

Are You Fierce? Become a Member of iDANZ Today!  Click Here.Who loves dance?  WE DO!
The iDANZ Critix Corner is our crack pot staff writers of our official blog of dance reviews on  Within our first 70 days of the innaugaral of our newswire, we attended 70 performances and posted 70 dance reviews and or features on our network.  That’s 70 performances within 70 days!

The group is composed of real dancers who are real pros from the New York City area who perform on the concert stage, music videos, industrials, television, and film.  As required by all iDANZ Critix Corner members, to keep our commentary relevant, these dancer/writers can be found regularly taking class, auditioning, and rehearsing with all the choreographers and teachers found in today’s dance scene.  We pride ourselves in knowing all the choreographers and the hottest up-and-coming dancers, from the depths of the underbelly to the world class stage, as well as make it our mission to find those emerging dance troupes, those diamonds in the rough, and help blast them on the map. 

Tthe iDANZ Critix Corner is thrilled to offer this service to the dance community we love.   Look out for the iDANZ Critix Corner on iDANZ TV coming soon. . .

Click Here to read our press release on 70 Performances in 70 Days.

Meet the members of the iDANZ Critix Corner! 
iDANZ Critix Corner members:
Candice Rox (Editor-in-Chief), Adrienne Jean Fisher (Senior Editor), Sheena DiMatteo (Associate Editor), Julie Fotheringham, Sasha Deveaux, JoiLynn, Sofia Uralsky (on hiatus), Dante Puleio, Amanda Keller, Lea McGowan, Jessica Shahinian, Antoine Lee, Molly Sorohan, Danielle Seidita, Hope Davis, Leah Schrager, Careitha Davis, Joey Lico, Joe Damiano, Caroline Banks, and Demar Braxton, and special on-air correspondents to the urban arts and fashion dance scene, BKBoyeez, Fabid and KuTTy.

Want to be reviewed? 
iDANZ encourages dancers and choreographers to use the iDANZ Social Network to promote themselves by sponsoring free banner ads for small and medium dance companies as well as self-promotion tools on 
www.iDANZ.comTo be considered for a dance review, please send your press release to  Please note that due to time constraints, not every press release may be posted by iDANZ staff nor will the iDANZ critics be always available to attend every event requested of them; however, all members of iDANZ at are free to post their press releases and performance announcements under the iDANZ Calendar and iDANZ Blogs with links to ticket distribution and their company websites on their own as well as send individual messages and/or send system-wide bulletins to all members in the network at any time. 

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