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Dance Review: Complexions, 15 Never Looked So Good!

Complexions Contemporary Ballet is bringing in its 15th anniversary with a bang!  This season at the Joyce Theater, Complexions has a variety of programs that covers the many shades of dance through the eyes of artistic directors, Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson.  What’s most exciting about this season, besides the dancers being more beautiful than […]

Dance Review: Beautiful Sock Removal? -Anna Halprin at DTW

While entering the Dance Theater Workshop to see Anna Halprin’s Parades and Changes, I know I have two choices: dare to speak to the person sitting next to me because after all, we are both drawn to the same show, or pretend to be wildly interested in my program, cell phone or dirty fingernails so […]

Announcement: BALLET HISPANICO ANNOUNCES ITS 2009 New York Season at The Joyce

NEW YORK SEASON AT THE JOYCE THEATER DECEMBER 1 – 13 Features Two World Premieres, One New York Premiere, Two Revivals and One Repertory Favorite Ballet Hispanico, recognized as the preeminent Hispanic-American dance institution in the United States, presents its annual New York Season at The Joyce Theater December 1 – 13, 2009.  The season […]

Dance Review: Wally Cardona/WC4+ at BAM

"The good parts are good," is the general agreement Tuesday night at the opening of Wally Cardona/WC4+ Really Real at the BAM Harvey Theater. It begins on trodden ground.  People (including non-dancers) enter the stage, walk around, and pose in a pedestrian fashion.  Text overlays the action with clips like “he led a somewhat uneventful […]

Broadway Dance Review: To All Fela-Fanatics… Don’t Just Go See FELA! Go See it Again and Again and Again!

FELA!, the new Broadway musical that marries the biopic story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti with his music, is a raw insightful adaptation of 37 Arts’ off Broadway version to the great white way.  This production is enhanced by the incredible spacial perspective and evocative powers of the design team.  The visionary choreography/direction from Bill T. Jones, […]

Dance Review: Carrie Ahern at the Brooklyn Lyceum

Theories about creation tend to take one of two routes, either there was always something, or, before there was, there was not. Sensate, Carrie Ahern’s new work at the Brooklyn Lyceum, speaks strongly for the first of these ideas. Walking into Ahern’s version of the Brooklyn Lyceum is stepping into a world that has always […]

Dance Review: International and Full of Angst; Naganuma’s New American

Darcy Naganuma’s company, Naganuma Dance, is a collection of beautifully muscled bodies that know how to move.  In their latest show, Nouveau Americain, this weekend at Joyce SoHo, Naganuma brings out all her tricks, b-girling, pas-de-chat-ing, and high-kicking through dissertations on our nation’s troubled state. The first and strongest piece of the evening, Ameriwho?, opens […]

Dance Review: Through “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” Complexions Moves Us- Now Celebrating 15 Years!

Complexions Contemporary Ballet presents a program of crowd-pleasers.  Dubbed the “15th Anniversary Medley # 1: A collection of audience favorites,” the program shows off the variety of repertoire the company has accumulated.  With beautifully constructed physiques the dancers articulate artistic abstractions.  Exhilarating, daring athleticism is displayed by the dancers whose superb skillfulness is masked in […]

Dance Review: Complexions at The Joyce

If you are in that camp that only wants to see super-human trinas with well-toned, to-die-for bodies, crazy extensions, and legs for days, then Complexions is the dance company to see.  For their 15th anniversary season at The Joyce Theater, Complexions presents four brand new works.  Tonight, I get the chance to witness two of […]

Dance Review: Mixtape- A Fresh Cut of Movement Vol. 2, Emerging Series Doesn’t Disappoint

Nights of home-grown and self-curated choreography are nothing new; however they always manage to provide a slice of what’s current along with stand-out performances by their scarcely paid and loyal dancers.  Tonight at the Merce Cunningham studios, seven choreographers present their current twists on shrine-to-modern-dance choreography originally made famous by the founder of the Cunningham […]

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