Friday, June 14, 2024

Dance Review: Three Theories with Armitage Gone!

Armitage Gone’s World Premiere of Three Theories at Cedar Lake on Thursday June 3rd undoubtedly proves their staying power.  Impetus for this work came from choreographer and artistic director Karol Armitage’s reading of Brian Green’s best selling book on theoretical physics, The Elegant Universe.  The book focuses on the conflict between Einstein’s General Theory of […]

Dance Review: Bring Your Lungs, Amy Marshall at Ailey Citigroup

Go see Amy Marshall at Ailey Citigroup to witness the polarities one dance company can embody in 90 minutes of work.  Brought to life with some of the most confident technique and fierce execution of ballet and modern choreography, Marshall’s dancers bring their audience to roaring cheers numerous times. Opening with 2005’s English Suite, a […]

Dance Review: APAP with David Dorfman

In the elevator of the Baryshnikov Arts Center I am met with an exorbitant amount of energy. “I hope we’re not late late late! I want to see him sooo badly,” chirp the people crowded in with me. David Dorfman’s new work-in-progress is entitled The Prophets of Funk and my elevator mates are just as […]

Dance Review: Dance Gotham at NYU Skirball Center

Though I’m about to see several very professional companies at the NY Skirball Center, the energy feels more like a dance competition than a performance.  There’s intensity, discussion in between pieces and altogether a "more real than nervous for the first day of kindergarten" tight-lipped thing happening.  Instantly Dance Gotham feels like a representation of […]

Dance Review: Juilliard New Dances/2009

The Peter Jay Sharp Theater houses the best dance party of the season, hands down.  Alive with birthday cakes, M.I.A. beats, Lady Gaga-esque costumes and cowboys, the New Dance Edition concert at Juilliard reminds me that I live in New York City.  Should Dorothy have landed in the theater she would have begun clicking her […]

Dance Review: Tze Chun, Calculated Stumbles Towards the Future

While many people bemoan the dawning of the quarter century marker, choreographer Tze Chun nails it in stride…or flight.  The twenty-five year old’s Tze Chun Dance Company shows a work in progress, new work and a rep piece this weekend at The Tank. Having presented at numerous venues in the city and prepping for a […]

Dance Review: And They Built a Crooked House, Becky Radway at the Connelly, NYC

In these troubled financial times it seems that everyone is looking for stability, strong foundations and a place to call home. Becky Radway intelligently explores this need in her full-length work, And They Built a Crooked House, at the Connelly Theater in the Lower East Side this weekend. While this description may not seem like […]

Dance Review: Beautiful Sock Removal? -Anna Halprin at DTW

While entering the Dance Theater Workshop to see Anna Halprin’s Parades and Changes, I know I have two choices: dare to speak to the person sitting next to me because after all, we are both drawn to the same show, or pretend to be wildly interested in my program, cell phone or dirty fingernails so […]

Dance Review: 60X60, A New Family Reunion

60×60 is the dance equivalent of a crazy family reunion where everyone is inextricably linked by one thread, dance, but everyone has interpreted what that means differently.  Whether wielding eight foot dowels drowned in silk as modern shoulder pads, goggles, face paint and flippers to achieve that amphibious look certain music just calls for or […]

Dance Review: Self-Indulgence vs. Purpose, Scarlet Fever at BLVD.

Everything has a beginning and the fledgling company Scarlet Fever holds no exemption.  Their debut performance, Scarlet’s Nightmare at Blvd Bar includes skin-baring undulations, questionably appropriate jokes from standup comedian Danny Siegal and soothing vocals from songstress Athena Reich.  While the show lacked fluidity and connectedness many pieces lived up to Scarlet Fever’s name – […]

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