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Dance Review: Swift Solos at DTW, olive Dance Theatre

As I walk in New York City’s DTW to see olive Dance Theatre’s Ken Swift Solos, I’m handed fortune cookies and wonder why, but, as I open one, I see the fortunes say, "Why do you break?" and "What inspires you?"  …Hmmmm.  The show opens with video footage of hip hop dance dignitary Ken Swift, […]

Announcement: DanceNOW [NYC]–Festival Twenty Ten

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DanceNOW [NYC]–Festival Twenty Ten September 8–11, 2010 The annual DanceNOW [NYC] Festival celebrates New York City’s vibrant dance community. Produced by DanceNOW [NYC] and presented in partnership with Dance Theater Workshop, this year’s festival features 40 choreographers, from young innovators to mid-career and established artists, in a lively showcase format. Continuing its signature “short takes” […]

Dance Review: ZviDance at DTW

Zoom is a dance piece created by the company, ZviDance. Run by choreographer Zvi Gotheiner, ZviDance performs joyous, colorful, vibrant works that revel in the pure beauty of movement and physical expression.  Zoom is no different.  The piece is exhilarating and moving, and showcases the excellent company Mr. Gotheiner has assembled.  These are dancers that […]

Dance Review: Technology mash-up – koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO presents Blocks of Continuality/ Body, Image and Algorithm at DTW

“Standby . . . Ready . . . Go. Go. Go.”   The technicians, musician, and performers at DTW’s presentation of koosil-ja/danceKumiko’s Blocks of Continuality/ Body, Image and Algorithm prepare for each part of the evening with verbal checks and affirmations.  In most dance performances, there are aspects of the work that the choreographer and performers […]

Dance Review: Grupo de Rua -Running Backward, Moving Forward

This week at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW), Brazilian dance company Grupo de Rua ties together hip-hop, breakdancing, Capoeira, and modern dance in a virtuosic, yet sincere investigation of street dance. Choreographer Bruno Beltrão brings much more than his company of nine male dancers to New York City; he transports the less glamorous, but perhaps more […]

Dance Review: Fresh Tracks Leaves a Definite Impression

Come to Fresh Tracks presented by Dance Theater Workshop and expect to be surprised.  Fresh Tracks 2010 offers some shocking works from new choreographers seeking to get their names out there. First on the program is up and down by Makiko Tamura who also dances in the piece alongside Ryoji Sasamoto. The dance is inspired […]

Dance Review: Fraulien Maria, Doug Elkins and Friends

Doug Elkins’ Fraulien Maria is an absolute joy.  Featuring exuberant, unbridled dancing and a soundtrack that everyone can sing along to, Elkins’ loving send-up of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic "The Sound of Music" is a must-see for the Holiday season. A man in a tuxedo takes the stage at Dance Theatre Workshop while the […]

Dance Review: Beautiful Sock Removal? -Anna Halprin at DTW

While entering the Dance Theater Workshop to see Anna Halprin’s Parades and Changes, I know I have two choices: dare to speak to the person sitting next to me because after all, we are both drawn to the same show, or pretend to be wildly interested in my program, cell phone or dirty fingernails so […]

Dance Review: The Curse of Reputation- Tere O’Connor Dance, Wrought Iron Fog

Tere O’Connor is known for being hyper-articulate. He’s good at talking about dance, talking about his work, and talking about talking.  But ultimately it’s the effect of the work which matters.  A piece must speak for itself without any supplemental commentary. O’Connor’s last piece, Rammed Earth did this brilliantly, but for reasons I’m still attempting […]

Dance Review: ‘Last Meadow’….Go see it!

‘Last Meadow’, by Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, is perfectly wildly entertaining. The group presents a challenging, fun, gender-bending, James-Dean-inspired trio at Dance Theater Workshop this week.  It is an evening filled with inspired dancing and the witty use of both text and music. As the lights come up, Michelle Boulé appears seated in […]

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