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Announcement: DanceNOW [NYC]–Festival Twenty Ten

July 2, 2010 by  
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DanceNOW [NYC]–Festival Twenty Ten September 8–11, 2010 The annual DanceNOW [NYC] Festival celebrates New York City’s vibrant dance community. Produced by DanceNOW [NYC] and presented in partnership with Dance Theater Workshop, this year’s festival features 40 choreographers, from young innovators to mid-career and established artists, in a lively showcase format. Continuing its signature “short takes” […]

Dance Review: The Whiz is Wicked, Fun, and Fierce!

A hip new version of The Whiz: Emerald City is whizzing about New York City, courtesy of nicholas leichter dance.  With an amazing recent run at Joe’s Pub, this production is provocative and unique, blending new music and fresh moves. Without a solid yellow brick road to follow, the numbers flow easily from one to […]

Dance Review: 2009 DanceNOW…. God, I Hope Not!

It was a rainy night in Manhattan, you know what that means?  I have a modern dance show to review, and, after the first 1/2, boy I was bitter about it.  There is nothing I hate more than bad modern dance.  Hint:  No one wants to see lunges and un-pointed feet unless there is a […]

Dance Review: DanceNow at Dance Theater Workshop

DanceNow at Dance Theater Workshop presents 50 works from a wide assortment of dance companies giving each artist seven minutes in which to show their stuff. They invite you to “find your artistic crush” from among the various companies which range from emerging to mature artists.  Wednesday night, my heart went pitter-pat for Amber Sloan […]

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