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Dance Review: Treeline’s Show and Tell; the Proper Way to Play

Happy Birthday Treeline Dance Works!  Although this one-year-old company may be just a baby on the dance scene, kiddos look out because she is growing in vigorous leaps and bounds…quite literally, in fact! Her first full-length show, In Transit, demonstrates how technical prowess can meet child-like playfulness.  Throughout, dancers play their bodies like musical instruments […]

Dance Review: Three Theories with Armitage Gone!

Armitage Gone’s World Premiere of Three Theories at Cedar Lake on Thursday June 3rd undoubtedly proves their staying power.  Impetus for this work came from choreographer and artistic director Karol Armitage’s reading of Brian Green’s best selling book on theoretical physics, The Elegant Universe.  The book focuses on the conflict between Einstein’s General Theory of […]

Dance Review: Together, But Different -Parker & Gibney at Symphony Space

In a new program at Symphony Space     David Parker and Gina Gibney present an interwoven evening of works that show just how different and yet subtly reminiscent two very distinct contemporary works can be.  For the new series entitled “Short Form Weave,” Parker and Gibney are invited to make works to the music of composer, […]

Dance Review: Fresh Tracks Leaves a Definite Impression

Come to Fresh Tracks presented by Dance Theater Workshop and expect to be surprised.  Fresh Tracks 2010 offers some shocking works from new choreographers seeking to get their names out there. First on the program is up and down by Makiko Tamura who also dances in the piece alongside Ryoji Sasamoto. The dance is inspired […]

Dance Review: Urban Bush Women, Unapologetically Zollar

Urban Bush Women presents an insightful evening of celebration at New York City’s Dance Theater Workshop entitled Zollar: Uncensored…  Jawole’s unapologetically raw interpretation of the beauty and strength of womanhood.  The show begins with Jawole herself standing in a pool of light and continues on with song.  The entire show is narrated by the voices […]

Dance Review: STRIPPED with Doug Varone and Dancers at the 92nd Street Y

It is a rare occasion that the audience gets to watch a company showcase works that are in the making.  STRIPPED is just that; stripped of lighting, costumes, programs, and a formal theater.  The company showcases works both old and new, unfinished works wearing rehearsal clothes and dancing in a performance space where half the […]

Dance Review: RIOULT- “The drama of Mozart lifted to new heights”

French choreographer Pascal Rioult brings his company RIOULT and a number of dynamic and diverse works to the to The Joyce Theater.  Known for his energetic choreography that draws from his experience dancing for the Martha Graham Dance Company but is uniquely his own, Rioult possesses a strong sense of traditional form and craft as […]

Dance Review: Soaking WET at the West End Theater

A refreshing variety of dances by emerging and experienced choreographers, Soaking WET brings downtown modern dance to the Upper West Side. An ongoing series produced by David Parker and Jeffrey Kazin, Soaking WET presents shared-bill and single artist performances at the intimate West End Theater.  The current installment of Soaking WET showcases the work of […]

Dance Review: APAP with David Dorfman

In the elevator of the Baryshnikov Arts Center I am met with an exorbitant amount of energy. “I hope we’re not late late late! I want to see him sooo badly,” chirp the people crowded in with me. David Dorfman’s new work-in-progress is entitled The Prophets of Funk and my elevator mates are just as […]

Dance Review: Richard Alston, Smooth Moves and Recklessness

Richard Alston’s newest season at the Joyce is a surprising medley of three works, blending disparate styles into one evening of stirring dance. Alston, a British choreographer, begins the program with Shuffle it Right from 2008- a very American dance for an American audience. Featuring the early jazz music of Hoagy Carmichael, Alston’s dancers glide […]

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