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What is iDANZ? is a Social Network for young professional and pre-professional bound dancers across the world to connect, talk, and promote dance across the web. 

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Become a Member of iDANZ Today!

Join iDANZ, The Social Network Where Dancers Live! 
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Now you can upload all your new dance videos you took on your cell phone, your headshots and even photos of you in your old sequined dance recital costumes when you were two for the online pleasure of an entire audience who actually appreciates your world!

… and ALL FOR FREE!  Yay!

The Short List of Things You Can Do on iDANZ

Live ChatVideosPhotosBlogs




Shop for Dance Wear

Private Messaging

System Wide Bulletins

Electronic Event Invites

and much much more…



Finally a place where you can chat live with other dancers, send messages, send performance invites, keep a calendar of all your performances, and even write your own blog to shamelessly plug your performances . . . 

Become a member of iDANZ Social Network Today!
The More Members We Have, The More We Can Make a Difference.

The social network also keeps you up-to-date on dance news, shows, and reviews in New York and around the world.  Check out our blogs on iDANZ News featuring upcoming shows, features, and events, dance gossip on the iDANZ Wire, as well as dance reviews written by our very own cracked staff from the iDANZ Critix Corner!

Not convinced?
Click Here to read “THE MEMO” to All Dancers written by our
fearless leader of iDANZ, Candice Rox
Here’s a better list of what you can do on
Only the FIERCE Dancers Apply!  Join iDANZ Today!
  • Read Dance Reviews by the iDANZ Critix Corner
  • Write Blogs about your dance experiences or shamelessly plug your events and shows
  • Make Friends and Send Messages directly to other dancers who are members of iDANZ
  • Make Your Own Profile with your own Photos, Videos, Personal Event Calendar,  Resume, and Blog
  • Post Bulletins about upcoming performances and events
  • Post & Read iDANZ Calendar Listings
  • iDANZ Chat with other Dancers in the Dancers Lounge
  • iDANZ Forum -get advice and hold discussions with like-minded dancers across the internet
  • Post & Read Classified Listings
  • Create Event e-vites and invite dancers to your events
  • Connect with Professional Dance Companies, Conservatories, and Choreographers
  • Post Videos on iDANZ TV and shamelessly plug your skills

Hey, if we dancers don’t plug ourselves . . . really, who will?
Become a Member Today!

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