Sunday, March 3, 2024

Class Watch: iDANZ Undercover Reviews Class with Stephen Petronio

I am working undercover for iDANZ, taking a dance class with Steven Petronio, a New York choreographer who has worked in the business as long as I’ve existed.  Getting to Peridance’s new foster home at 890 Broadway is a challenge in itself, as I usually take class in midtown or upper west side part of […]

Dance Review: Reverb Festival 2009 -The Place to Be… Period!

I’ve always believed that there is no better way to spend your rainy Saturday night than being in a theater for a good show. Little did I know how “good of a show” I would end up seeing.  O.M.G. I cannot stop talking about Reverb Festival 2009. Mainly, because I can’t remember the last time […]

Dance Review: Cedar Lake, JOURNEY TO A NEW WORLD

As the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet performs Orbo Novo, meaning “New World”, that is exactly what they discovered this weekend!  No longer a stranger to any theatre but their own, Cedar Lake explodes upon new territory, infiltrating The Joyce Theater like the European explorers for which their work is named! Orbo Novo is an absolutely […]

Dance Review: Garth Fagan Dance at The Joyce

Garth Fagan Dance, in it’s 39th season, opens at The Joyce Theater, with a company of thirteen, ranging from college graduates to founding members.  The evening consists of five pieces, all of which are of a different length, but each with their own unique qualities for a very illustrious program. At first rise, veteran member, […]

Dance Review: Self-Indulgence vs. Purpose, Scarlet Fever at BLVD.

Everything has a beginning and the fledgling company Scarlet Fever holds no exemption.  Their debut performance, Scarlet’s Nightmare at Blvd Bar includes skin-baring undulations, questionably appropriate jokes from standup comedian Danny Siegal and soothing vocals from songstress Athena Reich.  While the show lacked fluidity and connectedness many pieces lived up to Scarlet Fever’s name – […]

Announcement: Jen Abrams Dance Performance at Wow Cafe Theater

Jen Abrams Most of This Is True WOW Café Theater 59-61 E. 4th St, 4th Floor (between Bowery and 2nd Ave), F train to 2nd Ave or 6 train to Astor Place  10 shows in 12 days Wed 10/28 8pm; Thurs 10/29 8pm; Fri 10/30 8pm; Sat 10/31 5pm; Sun 11/1 5pm; Mon 11/2 8pm; […]

Dance Review: Deborah Colker – BRIGHT COLORS, TIGHT SPACES

Four women hang suspended from the arms of four men.  The men dangle, bent at the waist, over the tops of 12 foot walls. The women hold on, wrist to wrist, legs held at 90 degree angles, free arms outstretched, in flight… Colker’s 4 por 4 at City Center is visually stunning.  Gorgeously high-budget sets […]

Dance Review: Hirabayashi’s Return to the Roots Redefines “Dance Theater”-Expect the Unexpected

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see the words “dance theater” at the end of a company’s name, I think to myself “please don’t let this be a combination of dance and bad acting.”   Companies can get away with that in the classical ballet world, but modern dance… uh, no! However, contrary to […]

Dance Review: The MacArthur Dance Project, Soldiers of the War for Balance

The struggle for balance is one that all dancers know well.  Check out The MacArthur Dance Project and Brian Senti’s From The Margins, This, Unmentioned at The Brooklyn Lyceum to watch their struggle to win this very battle.  The gorgeous space, architectural costumes, dancers, video projection, orchestra and singers shine against an exposed brick wall […]

Dance Review: Eryc Taylor Dance, Tulle, Rhinestones & Bows . . . Oh, My!

Featuring a cast of all women, Eminent Domain opens Eryc Taylor Dance with jolts of feminine energy.  With costumes designed courtesy of Hope Kroog, the dancers are clad- barely- in all black briefs and tube tops, extenuating each lady’s exhaustingly long and muscular physique.  I hate to say that the matching Madonna-esque biker gloves cheapen […]

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