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Dance Review: Last Life at The Brick

Last Life is an R-rated thrill.  Timothy Haskell’s new fight play, performed as part of the two-week long Fight Fest at the BRICK theatre in Williamsburg, takes a time-hopping journey through a dark and violent world, leaving some viewers invigorated and those more sensitive, myself included, a bit queasy. Watching Last Life is like watching […]

Broadway Dance Review: To All Fela-Fanatics… Don’t Just Go See FELA! Go See it Again and Again and Again!

FELA!, the new Broadway musical that marries the biopic story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti with his music, is a raw insightful adaptation of 37 Arts’ off Broadway version to the great white way.  This production is enhanced by the incredible spacial perspective and evocative powers of the design team.  The visionary choreography/direction from Bill T. Jones, […]

Dance Review: Take a Trip to Buenos Aires with Tanguera, The Tango Musical!

Tanguera, dubbed the only tango musical, arrives at New York City Center creating the atmosphere of Buenos Aires.  With only one singer and a few narrative songs, I would hardly call the production a musical.  Tanguera is very much a ballet, but with tango as the dance vocabulary that tells the story.  The production opens […]

Dance Review: In the Rhythm – Paco Peña and the Flamenco Dance Company

İOle!  Cries an audience member as the lights came up on Paco Peña and his Flamenco Dance Company Friday night at Town Hall.  They haven’t moved a muscle, yet their strong faces and erect postures, the warm gold light gleaming off the guitars and the pure black of the costumes, is already enough to excite […]

Dance Review: Ballroom Brilliance, BURN THE FLOOR on Broadway

Burnin’ Hot Show!  But first, Tales of The Box Office Nazi… It’s Friday night. Indian summer is upon us.  People are hustling by in their best weekend theatre-goer attire awaiting the evening’s performances all over Midtown West.  “Ah, the theatah!” I say to myself, feeling on top of the world knowing that I, Sheena DiMatteo, […]

Dance Review: Above and Beyond Dance Lives up to the Name, Stepping up their Game in “Ascendance”

It is through the performance of “Ascendance” that the Above and Beyond Dance company strives to encapsulate and ascend the trials of this life, not excluding the difficulties faced in the dance world.  It is an admirable task this company tries to tackle-transforming circus arts, with their tradition of tricks for entertainment, into an expressive […]

Dance Review: Fly-by-Night Dance Theater Brings Fresh Perspectives to the Dance World

Fly-by-Night Dance Theater presents a delightful evening of dance, taken to the next dimension.  Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Fly-by-Night Dance Theater claims a unique place in the New York City dance community.  Fly-by-Night Dance Theater enhances modern dance with aerial apparatus, this time to the tunes of original music by Joshua Geisler and Ken […]

Dance Review: A Noontime Lunch Break Roars with a Bang, Downtown Dance Festival

The Downtown Dance Festival roars in the weekend with a bang for a noontime lunch crowd on Friday, August 21.   Featuring five hot dance companies, Jamal Jackson Dance Company, isadoraNOW, C3 Tap Co-operative, Stefanie Nelson Dance Group, and Naomi Goldberg Haas/Dances for a Variable Population, this free event at Chase Plaza is part of a […]

Dance Review: Sad day for Downtown, Dance, and Festivals

The opening day of the 28th Annual Downtown Dance Festival was not the best representation of what is happening in downtown, or in dance or in any festival I have been to.   I found the program to be long, boring, and under rehearsed.  There are some saviors, but overall, the first day of the 28th […]

Dance Review: Opening Up a Can of African Dance and Culture

Chuck Davis is the Don King of African dance. Either you work with him in his annual celebration of African dance, music and culture or you’ll end up fighting in dingy places à la Fight Club.  It’s not that other dance artists in African culture are not actively working to bring African dance, music and […]

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