Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dance Review: Beautiful Movers, Nicholas Andre Dance at Joyce SoHo

Nicholas Andre Dance never misses a step with thoughtful choreography and beautiful movers. Wired (world premiere) sets the tone of the night at Joyce SoHo as Nick Ross gives his dancers six concise choreographic themes from 2007 forward. Nicholas Andre Dance is a champion at concert dance forms with beautiful movement and well-trained bodies. Precision […]

Dance Review: "Sundowning… The DASH Ensemble Rising!"

Julliard and Purchase once again prove that they are still churning out hot young dancers with their “DASH Ensemble”, as seven of them present Gregory Dolbashian’s Sundowning at Joyce SoHo.  Dolbashian’s sometimes-uneven choreography looks phenomenal when attacked with such commitment, although the work as an evening-length performance has miles to go before full cohesion of […]

Broadway Dance Review: To All Fela-Fanatics… Don’t Just Go See FELA! Go See it Again and Again and Again!

FELA!, the new Broadway musical that marries the biopic story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti with his music, is a raw insightful adaptation of 37 Arts’ off Broadway version to the great white way.  This production is enhanced by the incredible spacial perspective and evocative powers of the design team.  The visionary choreography/direction from Bill T. Jones, […]

Dance Review: Mixtape- A Fresh Cut of Movement Vol. 2, Emerging Series Doesn’t Disappoint

Nights of home-grown and self-curated choreography are nothing new; however they always manage to provide a slice of what’s current along with stand-out performances by their scarcely paid and loyal dancers.  Tonight at the Merce Cunningham studios, seven choreographers present their current twists on shrine-to-modern-dance choreography originally made famous by the founder of the Cunningham […]

Dance Review: Armitage Gone! Dance presents Itutu at BAM Collaboration or Appropriation? (Check Yes or No)

When people of Irish decent get angry over the use of the ‘mythical’ leprechaun by the Boston Celtics and Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, do people of African decent have the right to get angry over the use of Africa’s cultural music, spiritual symbols, costume and a very few steps in an African ballet choreographed by […]

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