Friday, April 12, 2024

Dance Review: Dance Gotham at NYU Skirball Center

Though I’m about to see several very professional companies at the NY Skirball Center, the energy feels more like a dance competition than a performance.  There’s intensity, discussion in between pieces and altogether a "more real than nervous for the first day of kindergarten" tight-lipped thing happening.  Instantly Dance Gotham feels like a representation of […]

Dance Review: "Sundowning… The DASH Ensemble Rising!"

Julliard and Purchase once again prove that they are still churning out hot young dancers with their “DASH Ensemble”, as seven of them present Gregory Dolbashian’s Sundowning at Joyce SoHo.  Dolbashian’s sometimes-uneven choreography looks phenomenal when attacked with such commitment, although the work as an evening-length performance has miles to go before full cohesion of […]

Announcement: The DASH ENSEMBLE Performs at Joyce SoHo

The DASH Ensemble presents the World Premiere of Sundowning at Joyce SoHo from December 4-6, 2009 Sundowning is the debut production of the New York-based contemporary dance company, The DASH Ensemble.  The evening length work is comprised of several highly physical chapters that blur the line between the rational and psychotic mind.  The concert takes […]

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