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Dance Review: Eryc Taylor Dance, Pushing Boundaries

Eryc Taylor Dance wraps up an amazing sold-out run at Joyce Soho in Spectacular fashion. With excitement, grace, power, and beauty, this is a company to watch. The company, consisting of Isabelle Fernandez, Gierre Godley, Dillon Honniker, Carly Mayer, Michelle Pellizon and Danielle Schulz, is filled with excellent performers exhibiting with “no holds back” what great dancers they are!

The evening opens with Drowntown. Amazingly athletic and energetic, this is a powerhouse. The dancers weave and dodge one another without missing a beat, yet join each other to prove a point at different times. It is inspiring… Imagine walking through Time Square at rush hour. Watch out or you will get left in the dust!

Next on the program is Wraith. Danced by Michelle Pellizzon and Danielle Schulz, this piece is hauntingly beautiful. With costumes by Tonatiuh Otero, they look like beautiful red Nymphs. Showing their clean and pure technique, they dance in tune with each other ever so effortlessly. Nymphs in a time of loss, they are still, however, hopeful for what is to come… Beautiful!

Moving on to The Polarity, danced by Gierre Godley and Dillon Honiker, all I can say is WOW!!!! Showstopper. They both dance with power and masculinity; it is refreshing. Throwing themselves on each other without a care in the world, they are out to kill! I am immediately put in to the frame of thought of watching “The Matrix”, a wonderful fight scene with all the special effects coming to life right before me. This (The Polarity) is wild abandon at it’s best!

The Missing, danced by Michelle Pellizon, is next and what a shocking surprise… She is a revelation in this piece shaking, twisting, and contorting her body into oddly beautiful positions. It’s really amazing. Merging her beautiful technique with the oddest of moves it is like watching a drug addict fight through withdrawal. Happiness, sadness, longing, and cravings she is going through all the emotions right before your eyes. I am happy to report she wins in the end! Congrats!

And finally, Terminus, wraps up this wonderful evening. Danced by the company, they save the best for last taking complete command of the stage and not being afraid of it. The power of the dancers fill the floor bringing the audience to the edge of their seats. Their movements are faster, sharper, and clean, as if to put the final stamp on the evening. Wearing costumes by Keiko, they leave the audience wanting more and ready to stand up and join in! Eryc Taylor Dance is one company not to be missed.

iDANZ Critix Corner
Official Dance Review by Devin Pullins
Performance Eryc Taylor Dance
Venue: Joyce SoHo
Show Date: November 13, 2010

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