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Memo to All Dancers

Arm behind head in Green“Join Me in Building the Largest Dancer Network in the Country.  It’s Free!”
-Candice Rox, Editor-in-Chief

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To:  All DANCERS Nationwide, Young & Old

From:  A Letter from the Editor of iDANZ . . .

Re:  The Vision of iDANZ and the Importance to Join

Hi Beautiful Dancers,

I’m Candice Rox, Editor of iDANZ, and I too am a dancer just like you . . . still in the studio, still auditioning, still rehearsing, always getting ready for a show . . . you know the grind.  Well, ever since college, I’ve always had one leg in promoting someone’s dance company as well as my own dance pursuits, and, from my experience of grass roots promoting in New York, I know how tough it can be to market dance, especially when you are still performing yourself!   At one point, I nearly stopped doing any promoting and just went solely back to dancing for other people because I was so disheartened with all the additional expense it took away from the dancers just to get people in the seats.

Are You a Dancer?Well, after looking at the social networking market, I’m excited to see that dancers can finally get the word out and connect with each other for free.  This totally cuts down on all our advertising expense, as independent dance companies, and frees up some money to pay dancers.  Yay!  But, I’m thinking to myself why stop there . . .  Why should we only build a community with these huge social networks that just feed off our “numbers” and have not one iota of interest in the dance community at all? 

I say that we dancers should band together and have our own social network in addition to facebook and myspace and keep our sponsor dollars recycled and circulated through the dance community, especially now that the economy is bad and the grants are drying up faster than spilled cola wiped-up by a Shamwow

“The More Members We Have, The More We Can Make a Difference!”

So, I started iDANZ, a social network exclusively for dancers.  iDANZ believes that there is strength in numbers.  When people come together, great things can be done on a massive scale, which means:  the more members we have, the more we can make a difference.  That is why we created the iDANZ Social Network at  The social network is designed  to continuously attract sponsors to the dance world in order to finance performances and opportunity for its members while at the same time provide a platform for the dance community to market themselves for free via blog posts, calendars, banner advertising, and messaging to dancers and dance afficianados all across the country.  This, in turn, helps dance companies brand their image nationwide creating their own viable opportunities to tour and perform and be recognized by audiences especially outside their local area.  To have this vision realized by all of us dancers and attract as many sponsors as possible, we at iDANZ strive to build the largest communication network and database of dancers in the country.

What would this mean for dancers?  The possiblilites are endless . . . 

  • With a large database of dancers, we all can finally tour across the country and the world and have an audience because of all the friends we made on iDANZ, friends we know love dance.
  • With a large database of dancers, we can send announcements to just dancers whenever we have a show, workshop, or audition.
  • With a large database of dancers, we can finally be recongnized across the country because of our activity we create on iDANZ via banners, bulletins, messaging, and blogs.  Gone are the days of no-name dance companies, at least among the dance community.
  • With a large database of dancers, young dancers can finally connect with professional working dancers and really learn first-hand about the craft and the grind
  • With a large database of dancers, choreographers can secure invites to create new pieces, find dancers for their companies, and students for master classes
  • With a large database of dancers, iDANZ Foundation can secure sponsors for iDANZ OnStage events in cities across the country that pay dance companies (identified on iDANZ) performance fees
  • With a large database of dancers, iDANZ Foundation can secure sponsors for the creation of video tutorials, interviews, and dance reviews for the good of the dance community at large
  • With a large database of dancers, iDANZ Foundation can secure sponsors to award iDANZ Members (identified on iDANZ) and affilated high-profile choreographers performance fees, to create commissioned original works of dance on film, so that dancers from NY to LA can get finally paid! 

iDANZ is about creating OPPORTUNITY, iDANZ is about CONNECTIONS, iDANZ is about 

Real Friends, Real Dancers, Real Pros . . . Join iDANZ Today!Are you with us?  Do you see the vision now?  What are you waitin’ for?  Join Today!  Help iDANZ and tell your friends, as many dancers as possible . . . 

Together, let’s make iDANZ the biggest dance network on the planet!

Much happiness and dance,
Candice Rox



Candice Rox, Editor-in-Chief
iDANZ Network

Real Dancers, Real Pros Only on iDANZ. 
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