Friday, April 12, 2024

Les Ballets Trokadero De Monte Carlo . . . OMG!!!!! THOSE DIVAS ARE FIERCE!!!

OMG!!!!! THOSE DIVAS ARE FIERCE!!!OMG!!!! Ok so remember that 1 time I went and saw “The Trocks” and fell in love???? well that was what happened to me Friday night at the Joyce Theatre in Chelsea!! The place was totally packed and you could tell most of the people there were not “Trock” virgins like […]

Juilliard Impresses

Hey DANZ Nation, Yesterday I had the awesome chance to see the Juilliard Student Showcase at Lincoln Center… and let me tell you, it was A-MAAAZZ-ING!!!!!! First of all, the greatest thing about bein’ a dancer in NYC is how spontaneous your days turn out to be! I had no plans of going to the […]

Rhapsody’s Showcase @ BLVD 12/12/08

Rhapsody’s Siren Assassins After Dark Choreographer’s Showcase After the long extensive checking and shuffling of personal belongings and the long wait outside in the freezing cold outside of Boulevards somewhat unorganized and confusing door situation, Rhapsody’s choreography showcase took on a surprising turn. It was definitely not expected as most dancers are familiar with how […]

Juilliard New Dances/Edition 2008

New Dances/Edition 2008 Peter Jay Sharp Theater Juilliard Review by Adrienne Jean Fisher December 12th, 2008 Refrain for a Broken Chorus Class of 2012 Choreographer Sidra Bell, her father, composer Dennis Bell, the live music by the Juilliard Jazz Ensemble and the first year students combine forces to create ripples that turn into tidal waves […]


THERE IS PASSION IN PLAYGROUND There once was a man who viewed the world and the people in it as dark, closed off and unforgiving. This man could see no reason to live based on his own loneliness and inner demons. He sees his own demons projected on the people that populate his cold, dark […]

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