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Rhapsody’s Showcase @ BLVD 12/12/08

Siren Assassins
Rhapsody’s Siren Assassins
After Dark Choreographer’s Showcase

After the long extensive checking and shuffling of personal belongings and the long wait outside in the freezing cold outside of Boulevards somewhat unorganized and confusing door situation, Rhapsody’s choreography showcase took on a surprising turn. It was definitely not expected as most dancers are familiar with how choreography showcases can go. Particularly in the world of street jazz where hair swings and hoodies can get redundant and in an industry where dancers and choreographers can find it hard to stay true to themselves as they battle the “commercial” monster that is only in search of his money. The Siren Assassins opened up dancing rhapsody’s sexy choreography in trench coats. KellyPeters delivered a choreographic explosion serving as a good opening infusing ribbon twirlers and breakers and using a blend of familiar old -school music. Highlights of the evening was performed by DS as they interpreted the selections spun by DJ’s, who were choreographers that inspired them. Precision and performance make this duo fiyah! It was a nice change to see a contemporary piece, performed by Josh and Mishay, interpreting the complexities of a love relationship and displaying a different type of movement quality that allowed the eye to rest from all the sharpness and “boom- cats”. Luther Brown stood out by being one of the only choreographers to choreograph to one song. Can you believe it!. I definitely applaud this as it is part of the challenge that we call choreography. We have to recognize an artist who can captivate and tell a story through movement without necessarily using the sound of excessive sirens, bombs, and beat changes. However, we do recognize the time and place for these elements. Hollywood presenting a piece with a nice theme and it was definitely Hollywood! There was a nice utilization of formation changes and staging.. Nu Stylz represented their years of being in the business by choreographing to all the songs that they choreographed professionally for. Jamie J had a nice piece that used nice formations and patterns on stage as well and Christian Owens displayed a unique movement style that is definitely hard to copy. Bam brought it big in more ways than one by also representing various hip hop dance styles from locking, street jazz, and what I call “sexy girl” hip hop in addition to having a crazy number of dancers on stage at once.


It was a surprising evening filled with some of the known choreographers bringing it hard with their best artistic interpretations. There was the usage of the typical leg lift and drop to the floor that always seems to wow an audience of dancers even though they know that it is not rare and see it every day. Rhapsody announced during the show that her goal of the showcase was to inspire and this was definitely accomplished. These choreographers must of did it up just for her or maybe it was just that time of the year or a good selection process…who knows why or cares why, but, in an industry that is often ruled by CEOs making artistic decisions about things they know nothing about, I was glad to see the artists being able to do what it is that they do best…oh and not an overdose of Timbaland beats…hot.…..


iDANZ Critix Corner
Dance Review by JoiLynn
Performance: Siren Assassins After Dark
Venue: BLVD, NYC
Date: Friday, December 12, 2008


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