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Dance Review: Ease on Down that Bumpy Road, The WIZ at City Center

Ease on down that bumpy road . . . You don’t have to be a child of the 70’s to understand the subversive magic of taking a tale of a lily white Kansan and transposing it into our own script of Black allusions and urban metaphors. Even after winning seven Tony Awards and best musical […]

Dance Review: Past and Future Clash or Contrast?

What choreographer has the balls to bring all ‘his dancers’ to The Joyce Theater after working in NYC for 17 years? Nicholas Leichter! He presents company members, old and new, in a rare tribute to his own evolving artist legacy. After seeing his genius on the bodies of students at DTW’s Barnard Project, I was […]

Dance Review: Is Even the Sky the Limit for Larry Keigwin?

Is Even the Sky the Limit for Larry Keigwin?   Today, I will be talking about Larry Keigwin’s dance company, Keigwin + Company, which performs this week at The Joyce Theater.  But, first, I would like to talk about my first experience seeing Larry Keigwin’s work, which happened not too long ago at the Juilliard […]

Commentary: Michael Jackson, A Dancer’s Tribute to the King of Pop, the Godfather of Commercial Dance

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Well, my throat is choked up hearing about the passing of Michael Jackson. It’s just unbelievable to me, an absolute shock . . . so INCREDIBLY talented . . . so young. The man who has created the soundtrack of my entire childhood is gone. As a professional dancer, I can definitely say without question […]

Dance Review: The A.W.A.R.D. Show! 2009 Opens at Joyce SoHo-Who Will Make the Finals?

The A.W.A.R.D. Show! 2009 is truly a reward to the dance community as it seeks to build an improved relationship between artists and their audiences. Premiering in New York in the intimate theater space within Joyce SoHo on June 18, this year’s series of performances will extend into three additional cities including Chicago, Philadelphia and […]

Dance Review: Danco is it! Philadanco at The Joyce

 Danco is it! Danco is it!  I am totally honored to be at The Joyce Theater to see Philadanco perform which is one of the best dance companies out there…. and I mean The BEST.  I’m impressed at their ability to be so in sync as a company, be extraordinarily technical, in addition to being […]

Dance Review: Jennifer MULLER/The WORKS- Electrifying!

Jennifer Muller creates an evening of dance with works from the archives to a stunning world premiere.  She has a company of 12 that milked every extension, lift, and suspension, filling The Joyce Theater with life.  A night with Jennifer Muller and dancers is a refreshing finish to a long day. TUB (created in 1973); […]

Dance Review: The BANG GROUP – Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly

The Bang Group Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly at Joe’s Pub/NYC Opened by two silent cowboy “pahtnahs” wearing red pajama onesies, doin’ some front porch sittin’, evil-plotting on the neighbors, and understated dance partying – The Bang Group’s SHOWDOWN is already a hit.  I am literally crying with laughter and have found that not for the […]

Dance Review: The Uniqueness of an Alvin Ailey Dancer

Ailey dancers know how to bring in an audience. Whether it is for their flawless technique, their focused emotional deliverance, their exquisite physiques, or their dedication to continuing Ailey’s legacy, after 50 years Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is still a force to be reckoned with. The opening piece, Hymn, created in 1993, reflects the […]

Dance Review: Bill T. Jones, A Chapel/Chapter of Fabulous

It was another rainy night, and I was on my way to see Bill T.’s Chapel/Chapter, up in Harlem…. I mean really?  Harlem come on…. in the rain….. What is it with me, modern dance and rain?  Its fine.  I made it there and back unscathed, better than unscathed, elated.  It was a unique (and […]

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