Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dance Review: Urban Roots Festival

It’s drizzling and I’m walking up to St. Mark’s Church for the Urban Roots Festival where there is a healthy line outside of young urban hipsters, house heads, artists, poets, culture heads, and dancers at the ready to enter the space to score a coveted chair, bench, or at least a pillow on the floor […]

Dance Review: Swift Solos at DTW, olive Dance Theatre

As I walk in New York City’s DTW to see olive Dance Theatre’s Ken Swift Solos, I’m handed fortune cookies and wonder why, but, as I open one, I see the fortunes say, "Why do you break?" and "What inspires you?"  …Hmmmm.  The show opens with video footage of hip hop dance dignitary Ken Swift, […]

Dance Review: Broadway Underground Knows How To Get Down

Broadway Underground brings down the house on Monday night at BB Kings in Times Square. This show is full of non-stop raw talent, amazing live music, and lots of complimentary comedy that keeps the show rolling with laughter and fun. Produced by Jared Grimes and Cheryl Cutlip, the performance displays the work of a fresh […]

Dance Review: Son of Sound – SAVION GLOVER HAD ME AT HELLO

With a clever mind, his heart on his sleeve and a pair of supernatural feet, Savion Glover, the artist, unleashes mind-boggling rhythms in his current production, “Sole Power” at Manhattan’s mecca for exemplary dance, The Joyce Theatre.  In the footsteps of tap legends, Savion Glover pays homage, one beat-filled rhythm at a time, to those […]

Dance Review: Grupo de Rua -Running Backward, Moving Forward

This week at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW), Brazilian dance company Grupo de Rua ties together hip-hop, breakdancing, Capoeira, and modern dance in a virtuosic, yet sincere investigation of street dance. Choreographer Bruno Beltrão brings much more than his company of nine male dancers to New York City; he transports the less glamorous, but perhaps more […]

Dance Review: Pop, Robot, & Groove, The Groovaloos at The Joyce Theater

"Freestyle is the art of self discovery. Breaking away from imitating to embrace the fear of creativity"….  This is my favorite quote from a touching and impressive evening with the Groovaloos at The Joyce Theatre here in New York City.  The Groovaloos pair acting with hip-hop as they share a themed story of the making […]

Dance Review: Poon, Tearing Up the Dance Floor with Terre

In the heart of the meatpacking district of Manhattan, where all the club crawlers go, is Club Cielo.  Upon entering, you may believe you have walked into any other chill dance place- stylish decor, hip vibe, and efficient bartenders.  House music is flowing, everyone is bumping and grinding along with it.  Then, what you thought […]

Dance Review: HipOCrit W.I.P. -Progressive Hip Hop Dance and Culture

Love New York for how in each borough of this creative city there is a happening community of creative types, -artists, activists, and industry socialites- that band together and have their own sty-lo uniquely characteristic of their own nook within this illustrious cityscape. Tonight, I’m at the free-feeling artist space at the Irondale Center taking […]

Dance Review: Self-Indulgence vs. Purpose, Scarlet Fever at BLVD.

Everything has a beginning and the fledgling company Scarlet Fever holds no exemption.  Their debut performance, Scarlet’s Nightmare at Blvd Bar includes skin-baring undulations, questionably appropriate jokes from standup comedian Danny Siegal and soothing vocals from songstress Athena Reich.  While the show lacked fluidity and connectedness many pieces lived up to Scarlet Fever’s name – […]

Dance Review: Ease on Down that Bumpy Road, The WIZ at City Center

Ease on down that bumpy road . . . You don’t have to be a child of the 70’s to understand the subversive magic of taking a tale of a lily white Kansan and transposing it into our own script of Black allusions and urban metaphors. Even after winning seven Tony Awards and best musical […]

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