Friday, April 12, 2024

Dance Review: HipOCrit W.I.P. -Progressive Hip Hop Dance and Culture

Love New York for how in each borough of this creative city there is a happening community of creative types, -artists, activists, and industry socialites- that band together and have their own sty-lo uniquely characteristic of their own nook within this illustrious cityscape. Tonight, I’m at the free-feeling artist space at the Irondale Center taking […]

Performance Art Review: My Night at the Slipper Room

Ahhhh . . . The grittiness of the New York City’s Lower East Side, ya gotta love it.  I’m at the Slipper Room checking out their Wednesday evening’s side show for lounge laggards and work-night drunkards and find myself thoroughly entertained by the hand-balancing act of one of the regular fixtures of downtown’s late night […]

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