Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dance Review: Swift Solos at DTW, olive Dance Theatre

As I walk in New York City’s DTW to see olive Dance Theatre’s Ken Swift Solos, I’m handed fortune cookies and wonder why, but, as I open one, I see the fortunes say, "Why do you break?" and "What inspires you?"  …Hmmmm.  The show opens with video footage of hip hop dance dignitary Ken Swift, […]

Dance Review: Urban Bush Women, Unapologetically Zollar

Urban Bush Women presents an insightful evening of celebration at New York City’s Dance Theater Workshop entitled Zollar: Uncensored…  Jawole’s unapologetically raw interpretation of the beauty and strength of womanhood.  The show begins with Jawole herself standing in a pool of light and continues on with song.  The entire show is narrated by the voices […]

Dance Review: Monk’s Mood, Thomas DeFrantz at Joyce SoHo

As I walk into the Joyce SoHo the stage is already preset sparking my interest as to what is about to come.  A chair, a hanging dress and hat, a projection screen, and a coat stand with various coats and hats hang upon it.  Hmmmm.  I wonder…  I also notice panels on the ground and […]

Dance Review: Pop, Robot, & Groove, The Groovaloos at The Joyce Theater

"Freestyle is the art of self discovery. Breaking away from imitating to embrace the fear of creativity"….  This is my favorite quote from a touching and impressive evening with the Groovaloos at The Joyce Theatre here in New York City.  The Groovaloos pair acting with hip-hop as they share a themed story of the making […]

Dance Review: Complexions at The Joyce

If you are in that camp that only wants to see super-human trinas with well-toned, to-die-for bodies, crazy extensions, and legs for days, then Complexions is the dance company to see.  For their 15th anniversary season at The Joyce Theater, Complexions presents four brand new works.  Tonight, I get the chance to witness two of […]

Dance Review: Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company, I AM INSPIRED

I walk into City Center excited primarily because of the beautiful photography advertising Christopher Wheeldon’s Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company.  I am anxiously looking forward to experience the beauty of what this dance company has to offer. The show opens up with Christopher Wheeldon’s Commedia, a piece where the dancers are wearing white unitards, designed by Isabel […]

Dance Review: HipOCrit W.I.P. -Progressive Hip Hop Dance and Culture

Love New York for how in each borough of this creative city there is a happening community of creative types, -artists, activists, and industry socialites- that band together and have their own sty-lo uniquely characteristic of their own nook within this illustrious cityscape. Tonight, I’m at the free-feeling artist space at the Irondale Center taking […]

Dance Review: American Dance Guild Squeaks By

The American Dance Guild’s performance festival is an evening of choreography with a feature by Donald McKayle.  This evening is filled with ups and downs… or shall I say downs and ups? We encounter the first “down” when the box office opens directly at show-time, causing a 20-minute-or-longer pre-show delay.  Ah well, that was forgivable, […]

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