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Dance Review: Dance Theater Voodoo Queen

Dance Theater "Voodoo Queen" cast a spell on me this past Sunday evening  at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, NYC.  I found myself transported to New Orleans, almost two centuries ago, to experience the legendary tale of the Voodoo Queen through dance, music, and storytelling. Inspired by the novel "Voodoo Dreams" by Jewell Parker Rhodes, this […]

Dance Review: Miami City Ballet, A Balanchine Love affair

A gutsy appearance by Miami City Ballet to be in the New York City Center performing Balanchine repertory.  The company is second to New York City Ballet in the amount of Balanchine repertory performed by any company in the world.  This was a momentous occasion for Edward Villella, who is known for being Balanchine’s Prodigal […]

Dance Review: Elisa Monte and Her Dancers Create Stellar Work

  Born in 1981, Elisa Monte Dance has a history of thought provoking work executed by techically and emotionally outstanding dancers, a reputation that is not left at the door on this evening’s showcase of four works, one of which is a world premiere. Slope of Enlightenment is an introduction that not only emphasizes the […]

And the winner is….Fresh Tracks Dance Theater Workshop January 23, 2009

The Fresh Tracks series at Dance Theater Workshop is the most competitive emerging choreographer showcase in New York. The prize, in addition to showing your work, is 50 hours of rehearsal space, along with workshops in grant writing etc. But most importantly, it says that you may be the next big thing. Some Fresh Tracks […]

Miami City Ballet… Better than a Holiday!

Happy almost-end of January dancers! Ok, so maybe I just miss the holidays right now and that was a pretty sad attempt at creating one . . . But let’s just say that if I HAD to create a holiday in the dance world, it would be January 23, the night I went and saw […]

Sex, Revenge, and Rock & Roll, a night for the family!

Remember Me, a one act rock-ballet shook the house at the Lower Manhattan Joyce Theatre on Wednesday night.   A collaboration between David Parsons and Parsons Dance with the East Village Opera Company resulted in a glam-rock infused illustration of the AnnzMarie Milazzo poem, Traveled Hearts. The poem was developed into a story told by the […]

David Parsons at the Joyce, NYC

Ok girls, you want a job in NYC, you better get your butts to class! Tues night I had some cute seats at the Joyce Theatre in Chelsea to see The Parsons Dance Company.  Those dancers are no joke! They were giving me extension, fierce feet, technique, and seamless partnering skills. They go beyond the […]

SUGAR SALON: A Lovely Cup of Tea

Review- SUGAR SALON: a lovely cup of tea Posted On 01/13/2009 15:13:15 by iDANZReviews Hey dancers, Sheena here with another look into the NYC dance scene. This weekend it was SUGAR SALON, a very interesting program that I had never even heard of until this past Friday! I loved their marketing theme which shows pictures […]

DD Dorvillier/ human future dance corp, Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready!

It’s scary to think that perception of a thing may be more of what makes a thing than the thing itself, if you get what I’m saying. The first time I saw DD Dorvillier’s work, almost five years ago at PS 122, I hated it. Sat. night I saw her work again, and my opinion […]

The Carnival New York City 2008, Choreographer’s Ball

  Energy was through the roof atThe Carnival Choreographers Ball November 2008 held at the very fashionable Hiro night club in New York City.  iDANZ TV a long with iDANZ founder Candice Rox and the all around fashionista commentators, The BK BOYEEZ, took interviews with great dance personalities and industry professionals such as the Amount […]

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