Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tango and Contemporary Ballet Remixed!

Tango and Contemporary Ballet Remixed! The New Generation Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Argentinean choreographer, Dardo Galleto, presented a lovely concert at Symphony Space in New York City, November 7 – 8, 2008, that fused the passion of Argentinean Tango with the lines of Contemporary Ballet.   The show, called VOLVER AL SUR, meaning […]

Parsons Dance Company -Remember Me, A Collaboration with the East Village Company

As soon as the first dancer comes out on stage accompanied by not only rocking music but also stellar multimedia effects, I am locked in with my seatbelt prepared for the ride that I think I am about to be taken on at full speed. But, I’m wrong. The first section of this hour and […]

Dance Review: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

I was very excited to see Cedar Lake perform.  I had heard so much about them and read up on them from their website and dance magazine reviews.  I was expecting top notch pointe work and partnering skills, dancers with excellent bodies, and accessible choreography.  I have wanted to dance for Cedar Lake for a […]


Part of the APAP performances, Dance Gotham is a program that offers a wonderful array of works by contemporary dance groups from Canada and the United States.   [ZOGMA] Collectif de Folklore Urbain Rapaille This Canadian dance troupe rocks! Musicians perform alongside the dancers on stage and make people rock along in their seats, tapping […]

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