Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Dance Review: Elisa Monte and Her Dancers Create Stellar Work

  Born in 1981, Elisa Monte Dance has a history of thought provoking work executed by techically and emotionally outstanding dancers, a reputation that is not left at the door on this evening’s showcase of four works, one of which is a world premiere. Slope of Enlightenment is an introduction that not only emphasizes the […]

And the winner is….Fresh Tracks Dance Theater Workshop January 23, 2009

The Fresh Tracks series at Dance Theater Workshop is the most competitive emerging choreographer showcase in New York. The prize, in addition to showing your work, is 50 hours of rehearsal space, along with workshops in grant writing etc. But most importantly, it says that you may be the next big thing. Some Fresh Tracks […]

Miami City Ballet… Better than a Holiday!

Happy almost-end of January dancers! Ok, so maybe I just miss the holidays right now and that was a pretty sad attempt at creating one . . . But let’s just say that if I HAD to create a holiday in the dance world, it would be January 23, the night I went and saw […]

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