Friday, June 14, 2024

Dance Review: Dante Puleio Dance Festival

  Dante Puleio kicked off his festival with a refreshing approach; a minute long “mockumentary” on dance and dancers. He quickly moved into Untouched and the audience obliged anxiously awaiting the performance to come.  Dante set the piece to music by The Veronica’s, which started with 80’s pop and transitioned into 80’s punk.  He created […]

Dance Review: Alonzo King, Change We Can Believe In

If you think all ballet looks the same, that is all centuries old or even died with Balanchine- think again.  See Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet and you will see things you have never seen.  You will continue to see in each moment things you have never witnessed and that you will never see in the […]

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Dance Review: Botanica Does Mother Nature Justice

As I walk away from The Joyce Theater thinking about the spectacle I have just witnessed, I have an epiphany: "Moses Pendleton is the kind of beacon that throws a heavy blanket of inspiration over dancers and non-dancers alike, bringing the world together with his art."  As my boyfriend walks out of the theater with […]

Manhattan Motion Saves the Dance

Manhattan Motion Dance Studio proudly presented its Spring Showcase , “Save The Dance” this weekend,  a celebration of recreational dance.  Nestled on the corner of 76th and Broadway, way up on the 4th floor of an elevator-less building, Manhattan Motion offers a free work-out as you must climb to the top! What a great feeling […]

Dance Review: Avant-Garde-Arama Goes Askew

Remembering the Future of Art in NYC P.S. 122 is one of my favorite venues. Located in the East Village since 1980, it continues to carry that era’s attitude of daring disregard for the mainstream. As the venue’s longest running series (spanning 25 years), Avant-Garde-Arama is a thread between the then and the now, and […]

Dance Review: Christopher Williams Explores Sainthood with The Golden Legend

Christopher Williams is brilliant! His epic piece, The Golden Legend, ranges from the gruesome to the divine with a little light-hearted fun woven in. The piece includes three hours of brilliant dancing,puppetry, theater, and live music. Williams’ attention to detail is astounding and his passion shines through every aspect of the evening. He even translates […]

Dance Review: Dancers-You Can Fly!

Fly-By-Night Dance Theater presents NYC Aerial Dance Festival 2009at the JCC in Manhattan, and the title of the show not only does not lie, but brings a truth to the convergence of aerial art and dance art that is totally groundbreaking.  The Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Auditorium (AKA the JCC in Manhattan) is a tiny black box with […]

Dance Review: Make Room for a Ballerina’s Space!

The Ailey Group City Theatre has the reputation of ‘any seat is a good seat’ due to the intimate space and clear view of the stage. Lemon Sponge Cake is a rising contemporary company that sounds yummy, but I am not familiar with. Therefore, my seat has to be a ‘good seat’. Choreographer and director […]

Old Sea Dogs Never Die

A colossal dance and musical collaboration rocks the Joyce as the Stephen Petronio Company celebrates 25 years. If Trisha Brown, queen of quirky choreo, and Steve Paxton from Judson Church had a kid together, that kid would be Stephen Petronio. Not looking like he has been choreographing 25 years, Petronio’s choreography on his company is fresh […]

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