Friday, July 19, 2019

Emerging newsteps Talent Needs Not Bells and Whistles to Shine

The wonderful Mr. Chen welcomes us back to his dance center for the second installment of their semi-annual dance series newsteps, featuring new choreographers’ budding works. While risk-taking innovation is at the heart of the series, the use of audio and non-dance visuals always runs the chance of taking over the show, and in some instances […]

Ros Warby Wings Her Way Into DTW

Australian choreographer Ros Warby performs at Dance Theater Workshop in  her extremely well crafted solo, Monumental. A tight collaboration with video artist  Margie Medlin and composer Helen Mountfort, the work pulls inspiration from the classical ballet archetypes of Swan and Soldier.  The result is a riveting mixture of animalistic awkwardness and human self-awareness, creating an oddly voyeuristic pleasure […]

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