Friday, February 22, 2019

Barnard Project: From Postmodern to Funky Fusions

Barnard Project presents a spectrum of Contemporary dance from the purely Postmodern to funky House fusion.  What sets Barnard apart from some of the other schools I have seen this season is that Barnard is not a conservatory, but a liberal arts college.  They seem freed from the trappings of ‘high culture/virtuosic performance’.  The dancers […]

Joe Goode’s Dancers and Puppet… Inspire!

“This next song, I’m going to sing it a cappella. Give the boys a rest. It’s a quiet song. How to get your cowboy to stay at home,” says the old cowboy at the start of Maverick Strain,the first of two pieces performed at the Joyce Theater by the Joe Goode Performance Group. The night is April 23rd, and […]

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