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The Carnival New York City 2008, Choreographer’s Ball

Choreographer's Carnival


Energy was through the roof atThe Carnival Choreographers Ball November 2008 held at the very fashionable Hiro night club in New York City.  iDANZ TV a long with iDANZ founder Candice Rox and the all around fashionista commentators, The BK BOYEEZ, took interviews with great dance personalities and industry professionals such as the Amount Boyz, choreographer to the stars, Brice Vick, Bam Bam of Nexx Level Elite!, Cicely of Nu Stylz, hip hop icon, Spexx Boogie, and Jason Herbert of Ballet Noir.  Produced by Carey Ysais and Paulette Azzizian, and hosted by Ysias, Bijan Williams, and Shernita, the New York edition of Carnival was definitely deep with style and talent! 

Stand outs on the show were Antonio Boss and his slick moves, Harlem’s own Urban Dance Alliance giving us the street moves with genuine urban flair and fashion, Robert Taylor Jr. (and his back-up dancers), probably one of the hardest working performers at Carnival to sing r&b/hip hop and dance at the same time full-out with no compromise, and a crew imported all the way from Canada named Unkut Productions who just RIPPED IT!  Oh, oh, oh . . . and, of course, Miss Sheryl Murakami (featuring T(h)RASH), never lets the children down, as she is, as always, one of the biggest attractions at Carnival each year. 

Miss Sheryl Murakami has the power, the control, and the creativity of a real craftsman when it comes to staging and creating concepts for commercial dance.  I call it "clever with clarity."  The movement, no matter what it is, either simple or complex, is always pure clarity; the audience can readily see where moves begin and where they end.  No moves are thrown away, and if they are, it is deliberate.  Also, Miss Murakami always has a theme to show in a clever way with an element of surprise and suspense which that alone keeps audiences begging for more. 

What we at iDANZ like most is, that from THAT clever clarity instilled comes, that Murakami confidence that pours into the dancers and out on the stage.  The performers are always on point and just ready to "GET IT" (as we dancers say) like "WHAT," just turning the audiences into Silly putty in Sheryl’s hands.  And to make things even grander as if that weren’t enough, Sheryl Murakami let’s loose the element of suspense, open’s the surprise, and you just have to give it up and start screaming, WORK B —-! 

Miss Murakami and her choreography gets the iDANZ Fierce Award of the night.

Featured Dance Performances:  Razberry Jam, Sheryl Murakami Featuring T(h)RASH, Torey Nelson, Hollywood, George & La Jon Featruring BAD NEWZZ, Jamie J, Braham Logan Cane, SKATE, Shyrelle Kalilikane, Steven Williams, Antonio Boss, Robert Taylor Jr., Jaclyn Dunne, Sugar & Spice NYC, UNKUT Productions, Urban Dance Alliance, and STATIC NOYZE.  

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Performance:  The Carnival Choreographer’s Ball
Venue:  Hiro, New York City
Date:  Tuesday, November 11, 2009

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