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  THE CARNIVAL CHOREOGRAPHERS BALL! (WHERE OVER-DOSING ON HIP-HOP IS NOT A BAD THING) CARNIVAL!!! What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear this word? Perhaps a bunny jumping out of a magician’s hat, a Ferris wheel ride, or maybe cotton candy? Well, after experiencing the thrill ride of this weekend, […]

Dance Review: Queen Godis Spits the Realness at DTW

Queen GodIs (QG) presents a provocative choreo-poem, spitting rhymes, dancing, and singing this past weekend at DTW.  Now, many dancers like to differentiate between dancers and “movers.”  If QG is not a self-professed dancer but rather a “mover,” then there are a whole lot of dancers out there that should really MOVE better!  Her movements […]

Dance Review: An Extravaganza of Fierceness, Monstah Black at DTW

Monstah Black brought a storm of artistic wow performing at Dance Theatre Workshop’s Studio Series on Friday, March 13th. His show “Living Outside the….,” shared Black’s opinions on gender roles and being an individual that challenges the norm and the pressure to fit into a cookie cut lifestyle. The evening consisted of Black’s music woven […]

Dance Review: Intricate Time Passage of Tap, Savion Glover at The Joyce

Savion Glover has a reputation for defying laws of gravity in order to achieve the most dynamic sounds and fastest speeds  possible with his tap shoes. His effortless mastery of executing lightening speed sounds justifies the lingering question, " Is he superhuman?" But, the true lesson that Solo in Time teaches is that Savion Glover […]

Dance Review: Crazy, Sexy, Inferno

Hello, Disco Dance Lovers . . .  Do I have the show for you!  This past week the iDANZ Crew and I checked out an interactive lounge show called Crazy, Sexy, Disco at the Water Street Restaurant’s Underwater Lounge in Dumbo, Brooklyn, choreographed by the lovely ladies, Liz Piccoli, Jen James, and Svea Schneider.  This […]


Angel Feliciano’s performance at the Joyce Soho touched on the dynamics of New York City as a birth place to numerous dreams and a dying hood and thus a dying mother of Hip Hop.  The precision was ridiculously on point and choreography was both witty and intelligent.  Hot hot hot! . . . The evening […]

The Carnival New York City 2008, Choreographer’s Ball

  Energy was through the roof atThe Carnival Choreographers Ball November 2008 held at the very fashionable Hiro night club in New York City.  iDANZ TV a long with iDANZ founder Candice Rox and the all around fashionista commentators, The BK BOYEEZ, took interviews with great dance personalities and industry professionals such as the Amount […]

Rhapsody’s Showcase @ BLVD 12/12/08

Rhapsody’s Siren Assassins After Dark Choreographer’s Showcase After the long extensive checking and shuffling of personal belongings and the long wait outside in the freezing cold outside of Boulevards somewhat unorganized and confusing door situation, Rhapsody’s choreography showcase took on a surprising turn. It was definitely not expected as most dancers are familiar with how […]

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