Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Dance Review: International and Full of Angst; Naganuma’s New American

Darcy Naganuma’s company, Naganuma Dance, is a collection of beautifully muscled bodies that know how to move.  In their latest show, Nouveau Americain, this weekend at Joyce SoHo, Naganuma brings out all her tricks, b-girling, pas-de-chat-ing, and high-kicking through dissertations on our nation’s troubled state. The first and strongest piece of the evening, Ameriwho?, opens […]

Announcement: Naganuma Dance Premieres Nouveau Americain

Naganuma Dance Premieres Nouveau Americain in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artists and cartoonist Edward Koren of The New Yorker Joyce SoHo, November 19-22, 2009 Changes abound in our groundbreaking new presidency and shifting demographic landscape. Nouveau Americain , a collection of vignettes by choreographer Darcy Naganuma and her troupe of virtuosic, international performers, was inspired by […]

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