Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dance Review: Ballet Preljocaj’s "Empty Moves" at BAM

“Why?” This is the continuous thought running through my head while watching Ballet Preljocaj perform Angelin Preljocaj’s Empty Moves (parts I & II) at BAM.  The piece, choreographed to John Cage’s 1977 speech Empty Words, which was recorded in Milan before a vocal and rambunctious crowd, sets a standard for contemporary choreographers.  Like abstract artwork, […]

Dance Review: Ralph Lemon at BAM

After a six year hiatus, Ralph Lemon and his dancers return to the stage Wednesday night in Brooklyn’s own BAM Harvey Theater.  The theater is packed and guests buzz words of praise about their expectations for this performance.  Some, knowing of Lemon’s longer shows, ask about length expectations as well.   As I sit, I too […]

Dance Review: Wally Cardona/WC4+ at BAM

"The good parts are good," is the general agreement Tuesday night at the opening of Wally Cardona/WC4+ Really Real at the BAM Harvey Theater. It begins on trodden ground.  People (including non-dancers) enter the stage, walk around, and pose in a pedestrian fashion.  Text overlays the action with clips like “he led a somewhat uneventful […]

Dance Review: Cirkus Cirkur Rocks it “Inside Out” Creating an Imaginative Circus Story

Cirkus Cirkör captures the heart of New Yorkers in its new production of “Inside Out.”  Visiting their website (http://www.cirkor.se) prior to the show, I knew I was in for a treat, seeing a beating heart on my MacBook. Directed by Tilde Björfors, who also founded Cirkus Cirkör in 1995, “Inside Out” the production is like […]

Dance Review: Armitage Gone! Dance presents Itutu at BAM Collaboration or Appropriation? (Check Yes or No)

When people of Irish decent get angry over the use of the ‘mythical’ leprechaun by the Boston Celtics and Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, do people of African decent have the right to get angry over the use of Africa’s cultural music, spiritual symbols, costume and a very few steps in an African ballet choreographed by […]

Dance Review: Decreation, Forsythe at BAM

Wednesday night I show up to BAM for Forsythe.  As a dancer who has seen many works by William Forsythe, there is a particular aesthetic you become to expect of him.  Well, his evening length piece, choreographed in 2003 entitled Decreation, does not subscribe to that particular idea of freakishly perfect trinas in funky tutus […]

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