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Dance Review: Fly-by-Night Dance Theater Brings Fresh Perspectives to the Dance World

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Fly By Night Dance, richardruizphotography.comFly-by-Night Dance Theater presents a delightful evening of dance, taken to the next dimension.  Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Fly-by-Night Dance Theater claims a unique place in the New York City dance community.  Fly-by-Night Dance Theater enhances modern dance with aerial apparatus, this time to the tunes of original music by Joshua Geisler and Ken Pierson, combining both movement genres into a powerful expressive fusion of live performance. The evening features two classic works from the accumulated repertory of ten seasons, as well as the premieres of two new works.

The evening opens with the premiere of Slippery When Wet, an interesting solo choreographed and performed by Julie Ludwick.  Spurred on by the strumming of Joshua Geisler on the electric guitar, Julie Ludwick straps on a pair of wheeled sneakers, sliding gliding and soaring about the stage while holding steadfast to a loop of rope suspended center stage.  The live music boosts the excitement of this dance, capturing the thrill that accompanies speed on wheels and the exhilaration produced by reduced friction.  The athleticism is obvious, yet, the movement is so coordinated and smooth, everything appears effortless.

Fly By Night Dance, richardruizphotography.comAnother new work on the program is Streams with a trio of dancers depicting the changing states of water to a piano composition by Ken Pierson.  The dancers leap gliding about the stage sharing two trapeze, skillfully coordinating their circuitous paths without collision.  The dancer’s expressions are calm, creating the illusion of transcendence.  The implementation of space is exceptional, utilizing all space of the stage from the floor to the deep pool of aerial space above it. The multidimensional dance fascinates the audience, exposing new perspectives of sculptural shapes and imagery.

Julie Ludwick performs a graceful solo Summer evoking the essence of a woman’s wisdom. Here the trapeze takes on the form of a tree swing, the dancer contemplating her own roots.  In a simple gesture, one sees the struggle and yearning of years gone by.  The movement is so fluid and organic, that a viewer can easily get lost in this story of a seasoned woman at once.

Are You Fierce?  Join iDANZ Today!Inspiring and uplifting, Fly-by-Night Dance Theater has the ability to appeal to audiences of all ages.  Throughout the evening, the performances are interwoven with music unaccompanied by dance permitting necessary adjustments in the apparatus, yet seamlessly connecting the pieces yielding one smooth finish. . The humble ease with which the dancers perform challenging maneuvers takes one’s breath away!  Although parts of the repertory are fun and engaging, reminiscent of childhood play, the repertory of Fly-by-Night Dance pleasantly lends itself towards making deeper discoveries.  Fly-by-Night Dance Theater’s performance reminds us to savor each moment in time and space unveiling our eyes to the magical world in which we live.

 iDANZ Critix Corner

iDANZ Critix Corner
Official Dance Review by Lea McGowan
Performance: Fly-by-Night Dance Theater
Choreography: Julie Ludwick
Venue: Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Family Auditorium JCC in Manhattan, New York City
Performance Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009

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