Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dance Review: The MacArthur Dance Project, Soldiers of the War for Balance

The struggle for balance is one that all dancers know well.  Check out The MacArthur Dance Project and Brian Senti’s From The Margins, This, Unmentioned at The Brooklyn Lyceum to watch their struggle to win this very battle.  The gorgeous space, architectural costumes, dancers, video projection, orchestra and singers shine against an exposed brick wall […]

Dance Review: Eryc Taylor Dance, Tulle, Rhinestones & Bows . . . Oh, My!

Featuring a cast of all women, Eminent Domain opens Eryc Taylor Dance with jolts of feminine energy.  With costumes designed courtesy of Hope Kroog, the dancers are clad- barely- in all black briefs and tube tops, extenuating each lady’s exhaustingly long and muscular physique.  I hate to say that the matching Madonna-esque biker gloves cheapen […]

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