Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Dance Review: Reverb Festival 2009 -The Place to Be… Period!

I’ve always believed that there is no better way to spend your rainy Saturday night than being in a theater for a good show. Little did I know how “good of a show” I would end up seeing.  O.M.G. I cannot stop talking about Reverb Festival 2009. Mainly, because I can’t remember the last time […]

Dance Review: Cedar Lake, JOURNEY TO A NEW WORLD

As the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet performs Orbo Novo, meaning “New World”, that is exactly what they discovered this weekend!  No longer a stranger to any theatre but their own, Cedar Lake explodes upon new territory, infiltrating The Joyce Theater like the European explorers for which their work is named! Orbo Novo is an absolutely […]

Dance Review: Garth Fagan Dance at The Joyce

Garth Fagan Dance, in it’s 39th season, opens at The Joyce Theater, with a company of thirteen, ranging from college graduates to founding members.  The evening consists of five pieces, all of which are of a different length, but each with their own unique qualities for a very illustrious program. At first rise, veteran member, […]

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