Monday, February 6, 2023

Dance Review: José Limón Performs Timeless Works at BAC

José Limón Dance Company performs radiantly with timeless perfection!  Showcasing in New York City at Baryshnikov Arts Center, There is a Time, by Limón, and Rooms, by Limón’s close colleague Anna Sokolow, these two legends offer disparate and compelling visions of the same generation in American dance history, both of which to dancers’ delight still […]

Dance Review: APAP with David Dorfman

In the elevator of the Baryshnikov Arts Center I am met with an exorbitant amount of energy. “I hope we’re not late late late! I want to see him sooo badly,” chirp the people crowded in with me. David Dorfman’s new work-in-progress is entitled The Prophets of Funk and my elevator mates are just as […]

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