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Dance Review: Smoke and Mirrors and Magic Tricks, Chunky Move’s Mortal Engine at BAM

Had I seen Chunky Move’s special effect heavy Mortal Engine in a hotel in Vegas, I would have been blown away by its artistic integrity. At BAM, I’m blown away by the way that its artistic integrity is lost in an extravaganza of moving projections, laser lights and fog; smoke and mirrors so to speak. […]

Dance Review: The Curse of Reputation- Tere O’Connor Dance, Wrought Iron Fog

Tere O’Connor is known for being hyper-articulate. He’s good at talking about dance, talking about his work, and talking about talking.  But ultimately it’s the effect of the work which matters.  A piece must speak for itself without any supplemental commentary. O’Connor’s last piece, Rammed Earth did this brilliantly, but for reasons I’m still attempting […]

Dance Review: Mina Nishimura, Ursula Eagly, Ori Flomin, Three Dances for the Price of One

Presenting works by three different choreographers, Dance Theater Workshop markets this show as three dances for the price of one, but I’m not quite sure that’s a good deal.  The program lives somewhere between a sampler platter type showcase and a full-evening work.  The result leaves me somewhat dissatisfied. Timmy’s Idea, Mina Nishimura explains, is […]

Announcement: iDANZer Julie Fotheringham performs at New York Electronic Art Festival!

October 7, 2009 by  
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  iDANZer Julie Fotheringham Performs at the  New York Electronic Art Festival! Hello, iDANZers! Jarryd and fellow esteemed iDANZ member, Julie Fotheringham, will be doing a performance followed by an artist talk as part of the New York Electronic Art Festival on Saturday, October 10. The performance will include an excerpt from ‘Stress Positions’, as […]

Dance Review: Preaching to the Choir, MilDRED Gerestant’s "When She Was King"

Haitian-American actress, MilDRED Gerestant’s one "woMan" show is a reflection of her own life.  She takes on the multitude of personalities within herself, both male and female.  She preaches self-love, and freedom of expression, ideas that I can’t argue with.  The problem is, nobody in the audience can argue either.  I guarantee that everyone in […]

Dance Review: Self Punishment – The Solo Show, Perre Rigal at BAC

  Not many people choose to do a solo show and there’s a reason for it.  It’s a masochistic endeavor, physically and emotionally exhausting, and if the show fails, there’s no one to blame but yourself.  Perhaps it’s French performer Pierre Rigal’s past as a competitive athlete that has instilled in him the necessary discipline, […]

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