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Dance Review: Preaching to the Choir, MilDRED Gerestant’s "When She Was King"

Haitian-American actress, MilDRED Gerestant’s one "woMan" show is a reflection of her own life.  She takes on the multitude of personalities within herself, both male and female.  She preaches self-love, and freedom of expression, ideas that I can’t argue with.  The problem is, nobody in the audience can argue either.  I guarantee that everyone in […]

Announcement- When She Was King: The Remix at Dixon Place

September 7, 2009 by  
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WHEN SHE WAS KING: THE REMIX In this NEW REMIX of her one woMan show "When She Was KING," DRED  – with NEW Director(PASSION) , NEW music,  NEW Choreography, and NEW exploration of characters, DRED takes us through a gender-bending,musical, poetic, dancing, comedic, and Theatrical ride through her many SELVES.   From a Jamaican gender alchemist, […]

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