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Announcement- When She Was King: The Remix at Dixon Place

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Mildred Gerestant -Photo by Philip Friedman In this NEW REMIX of her one woMan show "When She Was KING," DRED  – with NEW Director(PASSION) , NEW music,  NEW Choreography, and NEW exploration of characters, DRED takes us through a gender-bending,musical, poetic, dancing, comedic, and Theatrical ride through her many SELVES.   From a Jamaican gender alchemist, to a gender bending diva!


Saturday, September 26 at 8 & 10pm, $15, $12

DRED GERESTANT has been seen on MTV, HBO, and Oxygen.  She just made along with Ellen DeGeneres and Wanda Sykes – Go Magazine’s "100 Women We Love -Class of 2009" list, and was also awarded a Spirit Award at OUT music awards this year for her 14 years of gender bending community service. 

PASSION is thrilled to be at Dixon Place where she first directed and performed her one-woman show Last Stop Before Dredlocks, and did stand-up comedy opening for Nancy Giles.

The United Nations calls Dred, "Unfailingly fascinating!"  DRED just made – along with Ellen DeGeneres and Wanda Sykes – Go Magazine’s "100 Women We Love – Class of 2009" list, and was also an honoree at OUTmusic awards this year for her 14 years of performing and community service.  Tyler Perry may have his Madea, but MilDred DRED Gerestant has her DRED.  Cheryl Burke writes, "Mildred Dred Gerestant aka DRED performs a particularly mystical form of gender-illusioning, drag, and one woMan show.  Her act is less a typical impersonation and more a challenge to societal ideas of what it means to be male or female, while reminding the audience that there’s some of each in everyone. It’s no surprise that DRED’s motto  is  "Love all of who you are…"

Have Something to Say? Join Today! Appearing around New York City and abroad since 1995, DRED, the Haitian-American actress and "gender illusionist,"  is the creator of "The Dred Love Experience", a performance/workshop which combines a series of art forms such as poetry, music and monologue to help participants question gender stereotypes and ruminate on their own identities. She describes the show as "a progressive, funky, fly,supernatural-high, poetic, thought-provoking, Haitian-American, and musical performance on gender-fluidity and freedom."Turning her inimitable art into action, DRED has also developed a gender sensitivity workshop that she shares with everyone from police departments to schools to survivors of domestic abuse to homeless youth. DRED is available for you right now!  Check out her new website at  for more info about DRED including her upcoming shows like her NEW self-written one woMan show "When She Was King – the REMIX" on September 26th at 8 and 10pm at Dixon Place!

MilDRED GERESTANT – Progressive Humanitarian/Actress/Activist/Haitian-American/Gender-Illusionist/Educator

Phone:  1-646-342-5660


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