Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dance Review: Self Punishment – The Solo Show, Perre Rigal at BAC

  Not many people choose to do a solo show and there’s a reason for it.  It’s a masochistic endeavor, physically and emotionally exhausting, and if the show fails, there’s no one to blame but yourself.  Perhaps it’s French performer Pierre Rigal’s past as a competitive athlete that has instilled in him the necessary discipline, […]

Dance Review: Dear Peter, Love, Nora

Saturday night, the audience at 100 Grand Street was all abuzz, anticipating a wonderful performance of “Dear Peter, Love, Nora” a collaborative effort by Peter Chamberlin and Nora Petroliunas.  They would not be disappointed, as what unfolds over the course of the evening is an amazing melding of dance, theater, audience participation, site specific work, […]

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