Thursday, August 11, 2022

Class Watch: Jill Johnson/Forsythe Workshop, Take 2 of These and Call Me in the Morning!

Ok, I don’t how most of you may feel about contact improv, I know how I feel about it…. eew, don’t touch me, Hello?  Swine flu!!  But, I have to say, when guided by a charming, intelligent, and beautiful dancer such as Jill Johnson of the Forsythe Company, it is a completely different experience. It […]

Dance Review: Poon, Tearing Up the Dance Floor with Terre

In the heart of the meatpacking district of Manhattan, where all the club crawlers go, is Club Cielo.  Upon entering, you may believe you have walked into any other chill dance place- stylish decor, hip vibe, and efficient bartenders.  House music is flowing, everyone is bumping and grinding along with it.  Then, what you thought […]

Dance Review: Armitage Gone! Dance presents Itutu at BAM Collaboration or Appropriation? (Check Yes or No)

When people of Irish decent get angry over the use of the ‘mythical’ leprechaun by the Boston Celtics and Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, do people of African decent have the right to get angry over the use of Africa’s cultural music, spiritual symbols, costume and a very few steps in an African ballet choreographed by […]

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