Sunday, March 3, 2024

Announcement: An Evening of Dance by Jessica Danser/dansfolk

Jessica Danser

Some Very Good Years

an evening of dance by Jessica Danser/dansfolk

Friday, March 19, 8 pm
Sunday, March 21, 5 pm

Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance-BAAD!
841 Baretto St., Bronx NY
6 train to Hunts Point or 2 train to Simpson St.

General Admission $15

Featuring the premiere of “mixtape for some pretty good years”
a celebration of coming of age in the ’90s created through workshops with the youth of Odyssey House, a girls-only treatment center for young women

Have Something to Say?  Join iDANZ Today!As well as the best of JD/df 2005-2010 including 2009’s “Opposite of War”

Dancers: Jenny Boissiere, Ashlee Buckley, Jessica Danser, Kristin Dexnis, Nora Hickman, Abraham Jarrell

For more info or reservations please contact


Jessica Danser/dansfolk
dance for the people

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