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Announcement: the Rover, A New Space Comes to NYC

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Have Something to Say?   Join Today! With the ever shrinking shortage of rehearsal space available in New York City, a sweet glimmer of hope in affordable rehearsal space has begun to shine over the horizon.  Rani Welch, founder and art director, along with Bradley Scott, co-art director, open The Rover, a multi-functional art space focused on the expansion of creative expression.  The Rover is wandering, searching, on a journey for original thought and unrestrained creation.

The Rover will present various dance performances, art exhibits and film screenings in hopes of being a catalyst in not only the progression of art but also in the progression of societal perceptions on a whole.  Most recently, The Rover presented Plump Reverie, (May 28-30), a surrealistic journey through the dreams and nightmares of the main character, Abby Powell, a beautifully curvaceous opera singer lounging on stage. The talented guerrilla cinematographers, Peru Ana Ana Peru, augmented the show with a custom-made film art. The reverie will progressed with highly stylized characters, dance, performance art, and live music.  Resident company, Tribe of Human, along with Sidra Bell Dance New York were the headlining dance companies performing in this piece.  Other talented performers include Julie Fotheringham, Jarryd Lowder, Matthew Chiu, & Ehizoje Aseke.  Dance movement undulated from modern, ballet, voguing, African, and Hindi and was joined together with live opera, electric guitar, ongoing performance art from nightlife personality Ajoshua and model Mari Malek and coordinating works of art hanging on the walls by Eryn Lefkowitz and Aehee Kang Asano. This wide range of creative expression was wonderfully combined into one large-scale piece of installation performance art. 

The art directors of the Rover state,

"We boldly and confidently assert that the city is thirsty as a result of an artistic drought and thus we break the proverbial dam and happily allow the creative waters to rush forth." 

The Rover is here for us NYC dancers to perform, to create, to collaborate…  Come check out the space and explore your expression.


For more information on The Rover, please visit our website: To schedule an interview with Rani Welch and Bradley Scott, please email

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