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Announcing the iDANZ Network

September 1, 2008 by  
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Hello. All Dancers AROUND THE WORLD!

There is a new social website coming soon designed to bring all dancers together. It is called iDANZ where dancers from all over the world can upload their videos of dance and socialize amongst themselves about the life they love – the life of a dancer. IDANZ will also feature news articles, features on choreographers, shows, and products, and original content programming such as dance entertainment news and videos of its very own iDANZ ViroCity dancers!

The company of IDANZ is established by dancers for dancers. The cool thing about being a dancer, we believe, is that the Almighty Powers above made dancers to share their talent to not just bring joy and celebrate life through its stage shows and movies, but to use our talents to bring people together for a greater good. Thus, we highly believe in making a website that believes in social responsibility and commitment to help of others withing AND outside of the dance community.

Because of this commitment, our site will also establish a foundation to support the needs of dancers through the distribution of its industry, education, and health information as well as financial support to sponsor workshops with highly visible/major choreographers to dance schools located in underprivileged communities. In addition, the iDANZ Foundation will use its social network to identify young and emerging choreographers around America and reward them with stipends and small grants to specifically pay their dancers used in the development and showcase of their new work whether its for the live stage or video. Moreover, because of the iDANZ social network, iDANZ will use its commercial visibility to campaign and manage high-profile, fundraising events, via dance and music concerts, to support world causes such as Aids Research, Muscular Dystrophy, and Genocide.

Stay tuned to the launch of the new website in Spring of 2009!

iDANZ is trademark owned by Dance Industrial Professionals, Inc.

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