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Dance Review: K+C= Genius, Keigwin + Company at The Joyce Theater

Keigwin + Company, Photography by Christopher Duggan Keigwin + Company has done it again!  But this time, in the major league.  K+C has pulled off a very successful solo week of performances at the Joyce Theater.  But, would you expect otherwise?  Keigwin has an enticing creativity and wit that lures you into his world.  Once you’re there you’re bound to come back again and again and again.

Whether or not you’re a coffee lover its hard not to become briefly addicted to what you’re seeing on stage during the first piece.  Caffeinated, originally commissioned by the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, is a caffeine high, aerobic, hyperactive, humorous piece about people’s common addiction to coffee.  Philip Glass’ "Glasspiece #3" really sets the tone for crazy town and compliments the dancer’s hyper-energetic, and mildly Are You Fierce?  Join iDANZ Today!psychotic dispositions.  Keigwin’s brilliant movement vocabulary in this piece is a fanciful mix between jazzercise and cheerleading.  The dancers, with coffee cups in their hands, are really engaged in a workout with Keigwin’s athletic movements and zombie-like gestures.  At the end of the dance you’re left wondering exactly how much caffeine they indulged in to make it through that piece.

In the next piece, Mattress Suite, Keigwin recreates a jocular behind doors look on relationships in a world where anything and everything goes.  The audience watches a series of episodes ranging from love and marriage, to heartbreak; from a kinky rendevous in the sack (literally on a mattress), to a little ménage trois action.  Wilcott and Keigwin are really quite the pair with a natural sensitivity to each other and a malleable chemistry that can shift from sensual to rugged in a hot second.

Keigwin + Company, Photography by Christopher Duggan Bird Watching, this season’s world premiere, is quite the treat for the evening.  The radiantly decorated fleet- fly, flap, flutter, and flock in the space with an eccentric gestural vocabulary reminiscent of our feathered friends. There is an inherent ballet vocabulary in this piece that really gets the whole bird idea across.  Ashley Browne, stands out as a stunning creature throughout the piece with her poise, grace, and seamless lines.  Keigwin has the uncanny ability to let humor infiltrate movement in both subtle and blatant ways.  Bird Watching is a piece of art that truly shows Keigwin’s versatility and the direction he is taking off in.

Keigwin + Company, Photography by Christopher DugganLike a few good shots of tequila, Keigwin really hits you at the end of the night!  The evening closes with, Runaway, a fierce experience of fashion, theater, runways, and jaw-dropping movement set to a riveting score by Jonatha Melville Pratt.  You don’t have to be a choreographer to appreciate the artistic compositional elements of this work; you can watch and have the same reaction…wow.  Runaway is simply a must-see piece.

Keep your eyes peeled for what K+C is up to next.  They can only get more fabulous.  If you haven’t already, get addicted.

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Official Dance Review by Simone Sobers
Performance: Keigwin + Company
Choreography:  Larry Keigwin
Venue:  The Joyce Theater
Show Date:  March 17, 2010

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