Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dance Review: SENSEDANCE, Impending Visit- Short, Sweet, and on Pointe!

On Saturday evening, as I sit in the Jacqueline Kennedy Oasis Theater, I skim through the program to try and get a sense of what I will see onstage.  There’s always a weird feeling of anticipation when you’re about to see work from a choreographer you are unfamiliar with.  You just don’t really know what […]

Dance Review: Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company, I AM INSPIRED

I walk into City Center excited primarily because of the beautiful photography advertising Christopher Wheeldon’s Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company.  I am anxiously looking forward to experience the beauty of what this dance company has to offer. The show opens up with Christopher Wheeldon’s Commedia, a piece where the dancers are wearing white unitards, designed by Isabel […]

Dance Review: America Dances! Gala for Career Transition for Dancers Sponsored by Rolex

“This is the greatest show,” boasts a balletomane sitting next to me as I flip through my program waiting for America Dances! , Career Transition for Dancers’ 24th anniversary jubilee and celebration to begin; and, with a presenting sponsor as Rolex and a roster filled with the world’s most legendary dancers, I couldn’t imagine anything […]

Dance Review: Christopher Wheeldon’s Cohesive Company, Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company at City Center

Christopher Wheeldon is a jack-of-all trades as he takes on City Center in Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company’s third season.  He serves as artistic director, fundraiser, promoter, spokesperson, and host for the evening as he welcomed the audience at the start of Sunday’s matinee performance to sit back and enjoy the show.  Mr. Wheeldon’s underlying goal for […]

Dance Review: Cedar Lake, JOURNEY TO A NEW WORLD

As the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet performs Orbo Novo, meaning “New World”, that is exactly what they discovered this weekend!  No longer a stranger to any theatre but their own, Cedar Lake explodes upon new territory, infiltrating The Joyce Theater like the European explorers for which their work is named! Orbo Novo is an absolutely […]

Dance Review: Eryc Taylor Dance, Tulle, Rhinestones & Bows . . . Oh, My!

Featuring a cast of all women, Eminent Domain opens Eryc Taylor Dance with jolts of feminine energy.  With costumes designed courtesy of Hope Kroog, the dancers are clad- barely- in all black briefs and tube tops, extenuating each lady’s exhaustingly long and muscular physique.  I hate to say that the matching Madonna-esque biker gloves cheapen […]

Dance Review: Balletto Teatro di Torino, Where the Wild Things Really Are

The wild things are not at your local movie theater, they are at The Joyce Theater through ready to haunt this city with movement that transcends time and space, bodies as majestic as supermodels, and a presence as enigmatic as all of your uncharted desires.  Hailing from Italy, Balletto Teatro di Torino (BTT) knocks it […]

Dance Review: Fall For Dance 2009 Leaves Audiences Wanting More

Fall for Dance is a wonderful, relatively new program (founded in 2004) that features excerpts from the works of over twenty-five international dance companies over a ten evening run.  This is a great opportunity for the public to be exposed to a wide variety of dance, and perhaps develop an affinity for certain artists, resulting […]

Dance Review: Fall for Dance at City Center

Every year, I am always so excited to see City Center’s Fall for Dance festival.  The tickets are cheap, and the festival allows starving artists like me to see some of the best dance around.  For the most part, programs I’ve seen have not had a recognizable theme. On the evening of Wednesday, September 23rd, […]

Dance Review: Miro Magliore’s New Chamber Ballet

There is no doubt that Miro Magliore is a master of musicality.  On Friday, September 11 Magliore presents his company, New Chamber Ballet in Studio 4 at the New York City Center. The program features five pieces and is broken up with tiny talks by Magliore himself. The movement in Romantic Pieces speaks to me […]

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