Sunday, March 3, 2024

Dance Review: Kyle and Rosenblit Hit St. Marks Church

Jen Rosenblit and Katy Pyle’s split bill this week at St. Marks church is one of the most intelligently irreverent new dance shows I’ve seen this year.  Rarely does work from emerging artists appear this well developed, this well rehearsed, and this conceptually clear. Rosenblit opens the program with her newest duet, When Them, for […]

Dance Review: Technology mash-up – koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO presents Blocks of Continuality/ Body, Image and Algorithm at DTW

“Standby . . . Ready . . . Go. Go. Go.”   The technicians, musician, and performers at DTW’s presentation of koosil-ja/danceKumiko’s Blocks of Continuality/ Body, Image and Algorithm prepare for each part of the evening with verbal checks and affirmations.  In most dance performances, there are aspects of the work that the choreographer and performers […]

Dance Review: Fresh Tracks Leaves a Definite Impression

Come to Fresh Tracks presented by Dance Theater Workshop and expect to be surprised.  Fresh Tracks 2010 offers some shocking works from new choreographers seeking to get their names out there. First on the program is up and down by Makiko Tamura who also dances in the piece alongside Ryoji Sasamoto. The dance is inspired […]

Dance Review: Urban Bush Women, Unapologetically Zollar

Urban Bush Women presents an insightful evening of celebration at New York City’s Dance Theater Workshop entitled Zollar: Uncensored…  Jawole’s unapologetically raw interpretation of the beauty and strength of womanhood.  The show begins with Jawole herself standing in a pool of light and continues on with song.  The entire show is narrated by the voices […]

Dance Review: Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth, Swiss Solo Show is Super-Inspirational

The Joyce SoHo often presents unique, even avant-garde artists, and Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth exemplifies this fact.  As a soloist choreographer and dancer, she has created more than five full-length solo works and toured the world performing them.  In her work, she may incorporate movement phrases given to her by an international group of her friends and […]

Dance Review: Soaking WET at the West End Theater

A refreshing variety of dances by emerging and experienced choreographers, Soaking WET brings downtown modern dance to the Upper West Side. An ongoing series produced by David Parker and Jeffrey Kazin, Soaking WET presents shared-bill and single artist performances at the intimate West End Theater.  The current installment of Soaking WET showcases the work of […]

Dance Review: "A Light Conversation" with Wally Cardona & Rahel Vonmoos

Presenting at the Joyce SoHo, in A Light Conversation, Wally Cardona and Rahel Vonmoos skillfully address the complexity of relationships and the human condition by embracing ambiguity and crafting a landscape in which each viewer can follow their own path. The majority of the dance, choreographed and performed by Cardona and Vonmoos, is not performed […]

Dance Review: Monk’s Mood, Thomas DeFrantz at Joyce SoHo

As I walk into the Joyce SoHo the stage is already preset sparking my interest as to what is about to come.  A chair, a hanging dress and hat, a projection screen, and a coat stand with various coats and hats hang upon it.  Hmmmm.  I wonder…  I also notice panels on the ground and […]

Dance Review: Smoke and Mirrors and Magic Tricks, Chunky Move’s Mortal Engine at BAM

Had I seen Chunky Move’s special effect heavy Mortal Engine in a hotel in Vegas, I would have been blown away by its artistic integrity. At BAM, I’m blown away by the way that its artistic integrity is lost in an extravaganza of moving projections, laser lights and fog; smoke and mirrors so to speak. […]

Dance Review: Tze Chun, Calculated Stumbles Towards the Future

While many people bemoan the dawning of the quarter century marker, choreographer Tze Chun nails it in stride…or flight.  The twenty-five year old’s Tze Chun Dance Company shows a work in progress, new work and a rep piece this weekend at The Tank. Having presented at numerous venues in the city and prepping for a […]

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