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Dance Review: You’re in a Privileged Place, colectivodoszeta /carlos a. cruz velázquez at Joyce SoHo

Sometimes an audience needs to be told “You’re in a privileged place to learn a thing or two so keep your mouth shut and your eyes open,” which is exactly what happened on Thursday night at the Joyce SoHo when a booming voice echoed those words through the speakers. Hailing from Mexico and New York, […]

Dance Review: ‘Last Meadow’….Go see it!

‘Last Meadow’, by Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, is perfectly wildly entertaining. The group presents a challenging, fun, gender-bending, James-Dean-inspired trio at Dance Theater Workshop this week.  It is an evening filled with inspired dancing and the witty use of both text and music. As the lights come up, Michelle Boulé appears seated in […]

Performance Art Review: My Night at the Slipper Room

Ahhhh . . . The grittiness of the New York City’s Lower East Side, ya gotta love it.  I’m at the Slipper Room checking out their Wednesday evening’s side show for lounge laggards and work-night drunkards and find myself thoroughly entertained by the hand-balancing act of one of the regular fixtures of downtown’s late night […]

Dance Review: American Dance Guild Squeaks By

The American Dance Guild’s performance festival is an evening of choreography with a feature by Donald McKayle.  This evening is filled with ups and downs… or shall I say downs and ups? We encounter the first “down” when the box office opens directly at show-time, causing a 20-minute-or-longer pre-show delay.  Ah well, that was forgivable, […]

Class Review: EURO-graphers JAM 2009 – You’re Up in New York!

September 15, 2009 by  
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New York City choreographer and teacher, of Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, Ryan Daniel Beck had a wish… a dance wish.  After working extensively overseas with esteemed European choreographers, he wished for some way to bring his NYC students to Europe – sans the jet lag and weeping bank accounts. (Cue light bulb!) Why not bring […]

Dance Review: 2009 DanceNOW…. God, I Hope Not!

It was a rainy night in Manhattan, you know what that means?  I have a modern dance show to review, and, after the first 1/2, boy I was bitter about it.  There is nothing I hate more than bad modern dance.  Hint:  No one wants to see lunges and un-pointed feet unless there is a […]

Dance Review: Miro Magliore’s New Chamber Ballet

There is no doubt that Miro Magliore is a master of musicality.  On Friday, September 11 Magliore presents his company, New Chamber Ballet in Studio 4 at the New York City Center. The program features five pieces and is broken up with tiny talks by Magliore himself. The movement in Romantic Pieces speaks to me […]

Dance Review: Above and Beyond Dance Lives up to the Name, Stepping up their Game in “Ascendance”

It is through the performance of “Ascendance” that the Above and Beyond Dance company strives to encapsulate and ascend the trials of this life, not excluding the difficulties faced in the dance world.  It is an admirable task this company tries to tackle-transforming circus arts, with their tradition of tricks for entertainment, into an expressive […]

Dance Review: Self Punishment – The Solo Show, Perre Rigal at BAC

  Not many people choose to do a solo show and there’s a reason for it.  It’s a masochistic endeavor, physically and emotionally exhausting, and if the show fails, there’s no one to blame but yourself.  Perhaps it’s French performer Pierre Rigal’s past as a competitive athlete that has instilled in him the necessary discipline, […]

Dance Review: DanceNow at Dance Theater Workshop

DanceNow at Dance Theater Workshop presents 50 works from a wide assortment of dance companies giving each artist seven minutes in which to show their stuff. They invite you to “find your artistic crush” from among the various companies which range from emerging to mature artists.  Wednesday night, my heart went pitter-pat for Amber Sloan […]

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